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Christmas Conundrums : Nothing but the Truth!

New Year's Eve, 1999 : songs from Exotic Birds and Fruit

Only one of these statements about the songs from the Exotic Birds album is true. Make a note of the letter that corresponds to it, which you will need in order to mail us the solution to the full set of twelve quizzes, which is simply a one-word answer. There's a clue at the foot of the page in case you need it. Read the statements carefully and remember Sherlock Holmes's principle that once you have discounted the impossible, what remains, however improbable, will be the truth!

Full instructions on how to win will be published with the last dose, on 5 January 2000. Meanwhile decide what you most want from our list of fab prizes, and tune in tomorrow for the Procol's Ninth quizzes.

Only one of these statements is true! Make a note of the corresponding letter
A Nothing But The Truth: at the start of this track you can hear Gary Brooker ask producer Chris Thomas, 'Is it on, Tommy?'
B Beyond The Pale: written in honour of the well-known website of the same name
C As Strong As Samson: unusually, a Procol song that appears on a single and an album, but with different titles
D The Idol: the idol in question, who had saved the band before but will not now rejoin them, is Robin Trower who ironically enough accompanies this song by bashing two hammers together.
E The Thin End Of The Wedge: this title is Cockney rhyming slang for 'veg' (vegetables), and dates from a time when side two of the album was known as The Vitamin Suite and dealt with issues about healthy eating and tissue regeneration
F Monsieur R Monde: this was the name of Guy Stephens's pedigree stick insect, which toured with the band at all times and became an accredited member of the group
G Fresh Fruit: the whistling on this track is provided by the uncredited Alfred Adler, founder of the School of Individual Psychology
H Butterfly Boys: originally 'Government Boys', the title and words were changed at the insistence of Chris Wright and Terry Ellis, bosses at Chrysalis records.
I New Lamps For Old: the band were sued for using the words 'unique entertainment' in this song: as luck would have it an identical song had been written the day before by Jorge Luis Borges.
  Clue of the day is here, though we leave you to work out for yourself which of the above questions it relates to

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