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I will remember this birthday for the rest of my life

Tormod Ringvold - Norway

These memories were actually sent in to BtP to celebrate the second anniversary of the Redhill event.

For me the party started on Friday 18.07. with dinner in the company of the webmaster (All the best to you Jens Anders).

In the evening I attended an international get-together at the Lakers Toby Hotel in Redhill.

On the big day I arrived early at The Harlequin. I mingled with the growing crowd in the foyer, and when I went outside for a moment, I was astonished when a man I had never seen before, came up to greet me. Looking at my name tag, he made an excuse. "I thought you were Keith Reid," he said.

The around-the-world exhibition of A Whiter Shade Of Pale was quite impressing. Being a record collector myself, I could fully understand the passion behind such a collection. From my seat in the very first row I had a first-class view of the proceedings. To me the highlight of the show was the four-verse A Whiter Shade Of Pale with Matthew Fisher's variation of the theme between the second and third verse. I remembered my only previous concert with Procol Harum, in November 1975 in Oslo , when 3 verses were played, then with Chris Copping at the organ.

After In Held 'Twas In I, when the crowd called out for more, I was a little bit worried when a guy beside me called for Eight Days A Week as an encore. Luckily enough, he did not get his request. This was not a night for cover versions.

As far as memorabilia are concerned, I am well pleased. In addition to the goods bought in the foyer, I was able to take the plastic cup left by Mick Grabham on the stage floor. And later, when I had my taste of the birthday cake, I preserved a piece of the icing with a note on it. I keep it in my fridge nowadays.

I will remember this birthday party for the rest of my life, but I do hope that one day Procol Harum will play live again.

I'll be there.

Tormod Ringvold, Lillehammer, Norway


Near camera (from behind) Stephen Wallace (Australia), next his wife, Amanda Hysted and daughter Emilia (five months that day), Louse and Dave from England and Tormod Ringvold (Norway)

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