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Trower in San Diego : 24 July 2006

One-Eye reports for BtP

I arrived at 4th and B at 5:00pm and entered the side door. Little was going on until the band started to appear onstage for the soundcheck.

Bronzie walked onstage. As I made my way across the floor, he saw me and came over to say hello. After a brief chat, the band did a minor check of instrument and vocal levels.

After they came off of the stage, I introduced myself to Davey Pattison. I mentioned that I enjoyed his Whiskey Train on the Palers' Project's From Shadow to Shadow. He stated that he didn't think anyone had heard it! I replied that he'd be surprised as to how many people have commented how good it is.

At 8:30 the band took the stage. Right away, one could tell we were in for a fantastic evening.

Robin was in great spirits with a gleaming smile that only changed as he hit those spiritual bluesy moments when his emotions shouted from his strings. When you think you know what is going to happen, something better occurs. Just brilliant!

Bronzie was a real treat to watch up close as he is in such control of his bass: it's safe to say he's one of the best players around. What he did at The Concert For George still blows me away. I've seen him with '91 Procol and a few times with No Stiletto Shoes. Watch him during the extended jams, especially! Nice guy, too!

Davey Pattison clearly takes control of the vocals, a number of which were emblematic and of great tribute to Jim Dewar as the others that followed. And as Davey has recorded with RT as well, he is a solid balancing strength standing front and centre and delivering it all with great pleasure and feeling.

Pete Thompson was rock solid on drums. Those who loved Isadore and Lordan will appreciate Pete's backbone solidity to the songs. He gives you exactly what one expects to hear, especially if you are familiar with his contributions and the past emperors of the kit.

Songs played (not in order and maybe missing one or two as for once I just watched and didn't jot):

Twice Removed From Yesterday
Day Of The Eagle
Go My Way
Bridge of Sighs
Too Rolling Stoned
20th Century Blues
Living Out Of Time
Lady Love
A little bit of sympathy
20th Century Blues
Another Time, Another Place
Go My Way
Wall of Freedom

And certainly a major highlight was the Trower/Reid version of Victims of The Fury. [As opposed to the very different Brooker setting of the same words]

I know I've forgotten some songs, but what-the-hey! Perhaps I can fill them in after Sunday's performance in Ventura where a few LA Palers will also soak up the brilliance that this band offers.

I can honestly say that by my estimate the 300 to 500 in the house were as loud and appreciative of a band at the highest sonic crowd levels I've ever been a part of.

And as much as everyone was exceptional, if you have the chance to see them on this tour or later in the year, watch each player intently as surprises abound.

Special thanks to Little Mick and Josh, too.

Robin Trower's page at BtP

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