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Procol Harum - Spirit of Nøkken

Procol Harum live in 2009 - a fan's review

I Hear Ya Nøkken, and Ya Should Come In!

Right off the bat that alighted my right shoulder – writes Allen 'One-Eye' Edelist –  I should mention that once again major kudos are due to Graham Ewins for his deft comprehension in bringing out the best of a mix of Procol Harum. The most exciting moments come from the rawness that fills the speakers with the true emotions one expects at every turn.

I recall standing side-stage at this Petersburg gig and watching Geoff Dunn do some amazing moves all over the kit. I recall the great interplay between Josh and Geoff Whitehorn, and the ever-joyful "29-year old" Peggie smiling and having a great time. With Gary's back to me, I wasn't afforded the pleasure of viewing his playing too clearly, but I do recall him having a wonderful time.

But what struck me, more so in listening to this gig all over again, was the interlocking of those musical moments now catching up with my visions of watching that performance. I am stunned by how clearly Procol Harum is defined within these selections, and by some of the nuances that got lost for me by simply paying more attention to the playing than listening to the fullness of each piece.

Geoff Whitehorn once said to me that "the best is yet to come." Well, from the drumming of Geoff Dunn, who very simply said "just gets it," especially during Beyond the Pale, Wall Street Blues, and TV Ceasar, to the one-off Teatime insert and the plying of every extreme of Procol Hammond of Josh Phillips, to the solid bottom of Matt Pegg, and from the thunderous to the equally contemplative triggers of Geoff Whitehorn, The Commander finally has a unit, I believe, that is very equal to those past Procols who produced what I know as Procol Harum live. And how does he manage to get those chords to work so well together?

I offer the thought that the "Roll" is finally in Wall Street Blues, and that while Cerdes and Kaleidoscope are not part of the Russian gig, they too offer the spirit of fullness that is Procol Harum to me.

As I complete this review, I notice the "clock in the market square (my kitchen) stands waiting for the hour," at which point I will be online to purchase my tickets for Los Angeles. Many of my friends who have never seen them play, but who have heard me talk about this iconic band for many years, are equally excited and are anticipating a wonderful performance. Finally, after all of my travelling with them for many years, the band comes home to me.

I would be remiss if I didn't once again openly thank the band, the crew, Chris, Roland, and Jens for their courtesies. And thanks to the friends I've gained along the way and their generosities as well.

The Well may be on Fire, but this unit quite possibly, in my estimation, could produce what may come out as one of the best collections of songs and playing we've come to appreciate should a new, rumoured CD arrive.

The Spirit of Procol Harum is alive and
Nøkken on our doors!


Allen 'One-Eye' Edelist, Los Angeles, America.


The tracks were recorded during a week in October 2009 (except the closer, which dates from July): To download the whole show, or individual tracks, click this 'Buy Now' link

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