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An Italian Procol tribute band in action 21April 2013

Carlo 'Jack' Ponissi from the Italian band 'Sormorock' sends the following setlist to BtP

Cerdes (Outside the Gates of) (longer than usual, with sax and organ solos)
Shine on Brightly
Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)
Bringing Home the Bacon (two sax solos, no trades)
On The Sand
In the Corner of my Mind (new composition, very well received)
Pandora's Box
Wizard Man
She Wandered Through The Garden Fence
Repent Walpurgis (Slidin' On The Sand arrangement but with drum solo on the ending)
M Back
A Salty Dog
A Whiter Shade of Pale (with "mermaid" verse and soprano sax solo)
As Strong As Samson ("Neruda" version but with new ending)

The lineup was the same that has now been together for almost two years and that features on the album Slidin' On The Sand (which is finally up on iTunes, and can be found here)

Alberto Bodini - vocals
Carlo "Jack" Ponissi - Hammond organ
Cristina Ramat - piano and additional vocals
Marko Barbieri - bass guitar
Lorenzo Brunetti - drums

Alfredo Ponissi - saxes and flute

The venue was quite unusual: the Charlie Bird, a very popular pub/restaurant in the centre of Turin, is actually the only place in the town were I can order "the usual" and expect to get exactly what I want, the hours spent there with Lorenzo and others friends since 2010 are countless and it's actually the place were the "SormoRock" name was chosen back in 2011. It's actually a jazz club dedicated to Charlie "Bird" parker where it's usual to find, always on the early Sunday night, pro jazz trios, it was then very strange for a rock band to play there and we didn't really know what to expect from the audience. The place was full as expected and the reaction we got from the listeners was eventually very enthusiastic, notwithstanding some technical problems at the very beginning of the set. I'm afraid the evening wasn't recorded this time, however there were many cellphones in action so I wouldn't be surprised to see something pop up on YouTube sooner or later.

Next gig is in less than a month, May 16 at Corner House Rock Pub, again here in Turin, a more "regular" venue for a rock band, possibly with a few guests.


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