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An Italian Procol tribute band in action • 18 January 2013

Carlo 'Jack' Ponissi from the Italian band 'Sormorock' sends the following to BtP (4 am, 19 January 2013)

Just coming back from our gig at Neruda…Not bad: went well musically, place not as full we I hoped but seeing many familiar faces in the crowd, it's good to see we're actually building a local fanbase. Also wonderful and unexpected to chat with people that actually came to the concert knowing Procol Harum well afterwards.

The show was taped (and the quality seems good this time…at the very least at Jazz Club levels) and have also seen several photos and videos being taken, so it's likely we'll release something on the net sooner or later.

I'm experimenting with the "let's throw the setlist to the wind" attitude that we know well, so I'm not sure this is 100% right, anyway here is our set, for your amusement and for inclusion on BtP, if you'd be so kind…

She Wandered Through The Garden Fence
Pandora's Box
As Strong as Samson (with organ and sax solo, dedicated to "a certain lawyer that's not here tonight")
Wizard Man (sax solo at the end)
Fires (Which Burnt Brightly) (with scat solo from Cristina)
On The Sand
Bringing Home the Bacon (with sax solo in the middle and trades at the end)
M Back (new ending)
Repent Walpurgis (several solos, very long)
Shine on Brightly
A Salty Dog
A Whiter Shade of Pale (with mermaid verse and sax solo)

Cerdes (Outside The Gates of)

Show lasted little over one hour and half, there was no break. We we're actually asked to play A Whiter Shade of Pale a second time (!!), considered the idea but went for Cerdes instead.

Photos (below) courtesy of Mauro Maffei, captions by The Organist.

On stage once more…Well, more or less!

Still scowling black!

Alfredo's double sax solos always astound

Bringing Home the Bacon

Phantom organist soloing


SormoRock – Flanked!

 Ending the box

Ready for verse two

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