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The funniest moment ... in 30 years of concert-going

Dan Goudreau

Dan Goudreau writes to BtP:

I just wanted to say a short bit about the show Procol did at the House of Blues in Cambridge MA on 27 March 2003.

This was an amazing gig. The room is not much bigger than the average person's living room so it was impossible not to be close to the stage. The band played like their lives depended on it with professionalism and good humor. The new songs were good on CD but seemed even more remarkable live, fitting in well with older favorites.

We didn't get Conquistador or Grand Hotel but we did get some of our requests played due to the good nature of the band and Gary's continual joking in between songs to fend off any uncomfortable silences. Gary kept us laughing and feeling like this was a personal show for 100 or so people. He remarked that this show was for retirement money and things like that.

Some highlights for me:

I shouted for Samson and got it. After A Robe of Silk Gary commented that the songs aren't very long so a fan shouts out In Held 'Twas in I and we all were suprised to find Gary going right into the intro as a reward. My buddy was shouting for Kansas and we didn't get that.

The two best parts of the night were someone shouting for Shine On Brightly and Gary, eager to please, asked a band member or two if they knew it (since it isn't part of the usual set this tour) and they played it as if it was their best song. (It really became the song of the night).

Lastly, a word about Whitehorn. His playing and humor were about as good as it gets. One bozo requested Freebird and I almost got a heart attack laughing. Even the stage was laughing so Whitehorn plays the simple opening chords of Smoke on the Water and the laughter keeps going, then some yahoo requests Stairway and I bust another gut, then Whitehorn actually starts playing Stairway to Heaven.

Probably the funniest moment I have ever experienced in 30 years of concert going. A great band at the top of their form.

Dan Goudreau (A Paler since Exotic Birds or so)

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