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Procol on air from Germany, 21 April 2003

Cancelled broadcast reinstated!

The rescheduling of the Hamburg broadcast (see grey text below), from NDR, has really been a great success for the Paler community: thanks to all friends who put NDR radio under pressure! Hermann, in Minden, talked to the station directly after the detailed announcement for the Procol concert had disappeared from the net, and after some and exchange of mails he got the information that there would not a later broadcast of the material. Surely the later development resulted from our massive interest in the recording of this concert .

Please note : the Procol concert moves from radio station NDR2 to NDRInfo. Transmission is from 1.05 - 2.00 a.m. local time (starting about one hour after midnight, in the early hours of Walpurgis night, 30 April: but bear in mind that Germany runs on GMT +1: they get their midnight an hour before London does). It is possible to listen to this station on the internet via this link : . In the right block on this page you find a segment called Livestream: click on the loudspeaker symbol. A new window pops up: click on "Player starten" , and you can listen in stereo via real player. (thanks, Hermann)

If it's as good as the show broadcast from Stuttgart (see below) it will be really something to hear!

Cancelled Procol broadcast ...

Procol Harum fans all over the world were looking forward to the Easter Monday NDR2 broadcast of the band's Hamburg gig from last month ... nearly 1,500 recipients of BtP's Fresh Fruit mailing list were ready to tune in at 2100 hours local time. NDR's website had promised a really good selection of classic Procol songs, and had published a good, highly complimentary webpage about the band (see right: the page has now been withdrawn from the NDR website)

However we now learn that this broadcast has been cancelled, in favour of one by Robbie Williams. No new date for the Procol show is known at this time, and the telephonist at NDR on Sunday night could come up with no reason for the cancellation.

Write to the radio station ...

Everybody who is disappointed by this change of schedule should write to for information, and to indicate enthusiastically that there is a big audience for this band. We are assured that any such e-mails will be forwarded to those responsible for these decisions.

We hope all German-speakers will listen to NDR for a few moments at the start of the Robbie Williams show, to find out if any explanation is given for the absence of Procol Harum.

However ... one show will go ahead

A 45 minute selection will still be broadcast from Procol's superb Stuttgart concert, 22 March. This will be transmitted on SWR 1 BW Radio at 10.15 local time, on Easter Monday.

This programme will be available online by clicking here. To hear the show, follow the directions below.

Click on the SWR 1 logo in the WEBRADIO field, left corner at the top of the page.

A new window will pop up: choose "SWR 1" BADEN WUERTTEMBERG" and select Real Audio or Windows Media player, depending on the software you have on your machine.

Stuttgart really was a superb concert, and we hope that this broadcast will compensate for the disappointment caused by NDR2 ... until their show is re-scheduled, as we surely hope it must be.

Thanks, Hermann

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Translation of the German article above

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