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Procol Harum at Stuttgart, Germany

Pictures by Carlo and Peter from Switzerland

Carlo Buletti writes to BtP:

'We (Peter Halter, my brother-in-law) and I (Carlo) were so impressed by the concert in Milano (4/12/02) that we simply had to attend the concert in Stuttgart last Saturday. Again 360 km from near Berne in Switzerland, where we live... Stuttgart was the nearest city of all the gigs in Germany. Again it was a fantastic concert and the fact that it has been recorded by SWF1 (Südwestfunk Baden-Baden) made it a special occasion, too. The broadcast will be cut down to 45 minutes. I wonder how they will manage to choose from all 23 songs! I, for my part wouldn't be able to sort out which gem to play... PH will return to Stuttgart on July 20th ("when things will have calmed down a bit" as Gary told the audience), the man who announced the concert mentioned exactly the same date, so I think it's pretty certain. The pictures were taken by both of us, it's quite difficult to decide: flash or no flash ... "War is not healthy" reminded us what is going on exactly right now in this world, but the rest of the concert was like a never ending dream!'

Geoff Whitehorn's three guitars
next to the drum-riser

Matthew Fisher adjusts his synth
on top of the Hammond C3

An unusual grimace of delight
from Matt Pegg on the bass

The band receives the adulation
of the Stuttgart fans

Gary chooses some a piece from his book of words 

 Matthew stands to
play the synth

 More applause shots!

 The stage is ready, perhaps
for the second set.

Most of the European concerts
were presented with an interval

Mark Brzezicki's kick drum
is adorned with the artwork
from the new album

A serious moment for the
nattily-suited Mr Pegg 

 A facial resemblance here,
perhaps, between Matt Pegg
and his father Dave (Fairport
Convention, etc)

 Geoff Whitehorn at work

Matthew appears to be singing along,
but no microphone is involved

Details of Maestro Whitehorn's
pick hand 

 Gary at the RD 600. Note that he is wearing the unique purple tee-shirt that BtP designed and gave to him ... it commemorates the first-ever printed review of AWSoP and was first seen at Croydon in 2002.

Mark's Pearl kit ... the maker's name
is incorrectly spelt on the
Well's on Fire CD booklet ...

Gary Brooker ... an ombrageous shot perhaps, but the shirt is clearly visible. 

Matthew Fisher in very
characteristic pose

 Fisher in limelight

 Whitehorn in delight

Matthew listens to some of
the Commander's patter
between songs 


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