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Procol Harum at Udine, Italy

8 July 2003

Manuel Sant writes to BtP (9 July 2003) slightly apologetically: 'Sorry for my English, I hope you understand anyway.' Don't worry, Manuel: your English is a lot better than our Italian, and it contributes a lot to the local colour of the report.

Great performance! Great warm audience! (1000-2000 person)

Bringing Home the Bacon:

This is the beginning, some problem whit the Marshall of Whitehorn, but is only a moment (explained here)

Pandora’s Box

After this, Gary try to speak Italian … 'Birra, grazie 1000…' ecc

A Robe of Silk

After this, Gary ask what is the name of the city 'UDINE?! oh Udini, Iudain, what?'

Grand Hotel

Inside the song Gary play a piece of piano solo like a Rrussian song … incredible!

As Strong As Samson

Gary tell to the public that an Italian astronomer – today – discovered a little planet that now is call Procol Harum! [BtP had phoned Procol just before the gig with this piece of news ... expect a fuller astronomical report soon on asteroid No 14024]


A false start of Matthew, and Gary laugh a few and said: "No, no, (hi-hi) if you start a song you must start well! (hi-hi)" and Matthew said "Oh no! It’s the Hammond." In fact, in the afternoon Matt was very unhappy about the Hammond, very very anger!


After this Gary told about the insects all around him and inside his nose! And presents the song with Italian title: L’Ora dell’Amore

Whaling Stories

During the song Gary change a word with INSECTS!!! In the first part of song, I don’t remember were, but it was very kind!

Shine On Brightly

Now is Matthew who speak in Italian, 'Lascia che io pianga ...' said. Gary sing the refrain in Italian (Il Tuo Diamante)

Simple Sister

very very warm audience

A Salty Dog


Encores after 5 minutes of screams ….FUORI FUORI (Come in!)…but Geoff understand CARI CARI (MY DEARS!!) everybody stand up and dance.

A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Gary presents the song with Italian title: Senza Luce

Repent Walpurgis

In the end of the song, Matthew, anger with his Hammond pour his beer upon the instrument!! Great!! Incredible!!

A great night with PH: everybody very happy first of all the PH !!!!

Full set list here

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