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Procol Harum at Birkerod, Denmark

Setlist and comments from One-Eye: 19 March 2005

Shine on Brightly Strong and Josh nails the solo
Pandora's Box Strong solo from Josh
The Idol Fantastic: very nice syncopation at the end
Grand Hotel The Hammond sounds particularly good tonight as do the acoustics of  this smaller room with a balcony; Geoff and Matt dancing at the side to the beat of the first buildup section. Many smiling faces love it; the whole band is strong so far. The crowd has exploded as the song ends: great solo from Geoff.
Simple Sister

People clapping to the beat and dancing in their shoes. New and wonderful rhythms from Mark throughout: he's playing the song! Matt very strong and fluid in the Cool Jerk run; the song is more up tempo like (imho!) it should be. Nice distortion from the Hammond/Leslie: very powerful! Some guy starts a dialogue with Gary asking for intros: he obliges.

'Phone pictures from One-Eye 'Phone pictures from One-Eye 

Beyond the Pale 'This is a Scandinavian one written while taking too much acid in the midnight sun'. Nice organ flares, a personal Josh touch ... very song-friendly and  interesting
Homburg Big response with continued encore clapping
Whisky Train Mark blows the train whistle after the Hey Bartender slow blues intro by Gary; the cowbell is rocking'
The VIP Room Rocking nice slide from Geoff
An Old English Dream Big Hammond and drums moving the song. Real nice pointed basslines from Matt. The band appears to be stretching out in a freer manner this song is rocking: more big response. Gary advises the crowd: a couple songs from our very very early days. I think I was trying to write a couple of blues songs and this how they  came out.

'Phone pictures from One-Eye 'Phone pictures from One-Eye

Something Following Me This song is groovin'; it is true Procol and even Paramounts feeling. Might be the most awesome single Whitehorn blues solo I've heard.
Alpha 'This guy's got one eye in the middle of his head'. Geoff and Gary took the leads can't write any more than I said last night.
Kaleidoscope Josh big Hammond and great solo; mark takes off throughout, absolutely  monstrous!
A Salty Dog Gary asks for a couple taps of the bell from Mark and Mark hits the Bosun's Whistle and beautiful off-beat fills and rhythms, drumming and cymbal work. This song met every test of how it is to be played, imho. Gary acknowledging the reception and asking for recognition for Mark: points for him to stand
Conquistador Big, big, big and you know what I mean
In Held 'Twas in I Gary says 'This is a meditation on life'. Tapes running (?) from the soundboard. Matt nails the narrative. Slight miscue to start the guitar bridge buildup at the end of Look to your Soul but they cue up real quickly and are on track. A Grand Finale for the ages

A Whiter Shade of Pale

Crowd singing again; two-verse, regular ending

Geoff's solos and general playing were outstanding; it's always great to watch Matt and view how much fun he has. Yes, I will repeat, he hit the narrative tonight. And he was strong all night. Likewise, it is very noticeable how much fun Josh has. He hit some big chords tonight, especially on The Idol, An Old English Dream, and Grand Finale. And his solos were  as steady as in previous nights, but he's noticeably more relaxed.  This group with Josh now seems very comfortable together. Mark was steady and strong with new drum and cymbal patterns extending throughout the night; playing free and easy and it's exciting to watch and hear. He's really playing and driving the songs. And, well, Gary is Gary! Do I need to say more? OK, he was in fine voice!

Great little room with very nice acoustics, a very responsive crowd, and wonderfully played long sets. Does it get any better? You bet it does! If all of you who are reading this were with me, it would be so much  better. Tomorrow in Aarhus is my last gig of this tour. Thanks to all of you who read with interest and perhaps those who put up  with my interpretation. I appreciate all of the kind responses and look forward to a great gig in a hall I have heard wonderful comments about; as Gary says, "A proper concert hall."

The whole band rocked tonight.

Matt Pegg at soundcheck

Paul Thelen, Hermann Braunschmidt, Thomas Raa Olsen ... before soundcheck

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