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Procol Harum at Haugesund, Norway

Tuesday 29 March 2005 (second concert)

Brooker, Brzezicki, Pegg, Phillips, Whitehorn

The VIP Room
Pandora's Box *
The Idol *
The Wall Street Blues *
A Robe of Silk *
Grand Hotel
An Old English Dream
Simple Sister
Something Following Me
Whisky Train *
Beyond the Pale
Happy Birthday to You
A Salty Dog


A Whiter Shade of Pale

Two great concerts in Haugesund yesterday, the last one in particular. Good
media coverage in local newspapers, local TV + NRK (nationwide channel)

Between Conquistador and A Salty Dog the band played Happy Birthday for manager Chris Cooke (who came on stage) and for  Eric Clapton. Gary said from the stage that he had been invited to EC's sixtieth birthday party, celebrated in London the same day.

* All in all the band played thirty numbers, of which twenty were different. An asterisk marks numbers not played at both shows. If you were lucky enough to catch both recitals, you'd have heard A Robe of Silk, A Salty Dog, Alpha, An Old English Dream, A Whiter Shade of Pale, Beyond the Pale, Conquistador, Grand Hotel, Homburg, Luskus Delph, Pandora’s Box, Shadow Boxed, Shine On Brightly, Simple Sister, Something Following Me, The Idol, The VIP Room, The Wall Street Blues, Toujours l'Amour and Whisky Train

If you were able to get to this gig, please send us pictures, memorabilia, interviews and so forth!


songs altogether:


From Procol Harum


from Shine on Brightly


From  A Salty Dog


From  Home


from  Broken Barricades


From  Grand Hotel


From Exotic Birds and Fruit


from Procol's Ninth


From Something Magic


From The Prodigal Stranger


from The Well's on Fire


non-album tracks

Thanks, Bjørn, you lucky bloke!

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This was the second of two shows in Haugesund: click here for the other

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