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The Palers' Revels : Denmark, 16–20 August 2006

Basecamp Hotel Copenhagen: book your discounted rooms by 20 June

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The BtP team has arranged excellent discounted prices in Roskilde (a music district ... home of the Danish festival equivalent of Woodstock). The Roskilde centre is directly accessible by train from Copenhagen's international airport, and is a very short way from Lejre (where the Palers' Revels take place and where Procol Harum and orchestra play their castle gigs).

Our basecamp is the Scandic Roskilde, beautifully located by a park on Søndre Ringvej. It is a comfortable, sensibly-priced hotel for the area, of the same excellent standard that fans have enjoyed at BtP's many previous conventions. By all staying together in one place, fans will have a lot of fun and make many Procoloid friends, as well as saving money by sharing transport.

The rooms ordinarily cost 1,350 DK (single) and 1,550 (double) per night, but Palers will enjoy excellent discounts of between 35 and 40 percent: Palers pay just 800 DK (single) and 1,000 (double) per night. [At present 100 Danish Kroner is about 16 US Dollars, or 9.30 GBP, or 13 Euro]. Read on for details of how to book. These prices include full breakfast, and all rooms are well-equipped and have en-suite facilities.

Basecamp hotel offers wireless internet access, free of charge. And if you don't feel like bringing your laptop, there is an Internet access point in the lobby, so you don't have to miss your daily dose of BtP updates! Although the hotel is located near the Roskilde centre, and only a few minutes' walk from the railway station, it is close to a beautiful park. If you come by car, you will be glad to know that the hotel's own free car park is at your disposal.

The Palers' Revels is a five-day programme for Procol Harum fans from all over the world.

The first three days (Wednesday–Friday, 16–18 August) are for people who want to rehearse and play Procol music with the Palers' Band (details to be announced shortly). All instruments and amplification will be supplied, in an ideal setting ('Domus Felix' at Lejre) where we can play all day and evening, as well as eating and drinking, and enjoying some fresh air, without disturbing anyone else.

The final two days (Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 August) both involve hearing Procol Harum's orchestral gigs at the castle in Lejre in the afternoons (walking distance from Domus Felix) and in the evenings enjoying the after-show party, with good food, well-stocked cash bar, live music, and excellent company. Procol themselves are of course at the top of the guest list for the parties on both nights.

More details will be published in days to come; in addition, we are planning a Palers' guided excursion to Copenhagen's world-famous Tivoli Pleasure Gardens ... and other treats will emerge in due course :-)

How to book your hotel rooms
Copenhagen Basecamp, the Scandic Roskilde Hotel, is ideal for all the above events: public transport is excellent, and for the musicians taking part in Part A this will be supplemented by shared cars and local cabs.

The excellent hotel discounts are available only to BtP, so let the website team make your initial booking for you, as we have done in previous years with great success. You will receive a confirmation from BtP (but confirmations are not sent out on a daily basis, so please be patient).

Click this dedicated link to send your hotel booking to the BtP team. State name(s) of the guests, their arrival date, the total number of nights they are staying, and whether they want a single or a double room. There is a number of rooms where smoking is permitted: specify if you want one of these.

Don't send any money now, and don't tell BtP your credit-card number. You will pay the hotel when you get to Roskilde.

The small print:
All bookings are final. Cancellations less than thirty days before arrival are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellation less than seven days before arrival are subject to full payment.

Copenhagen, airport, and nearby Roskilde (Basecamp) Basecamp (top), Palers' Revels / Procol gigs at Lejre (bottom)
Position of Roskilde hotel at Copenhagen, and rail link to Lejre Dining room at Basecamp Copenhagen

Click this dedicated link to send your basecamp booking to the BtP team

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