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The Fortieth Birthday Party of Procol Harum

Aftershow party, Friday 20 July 2007

BtP presents Procol Harum's 40th Birthday Celebrations 20 / 21 July 2007

'Beyond the Pale' is hosting the Fortieth Anniversary Party for Procol Harum on Saturday 21 July: the event is sold-out completely. Thanks to everyone who booked quickly: commiserations to those who didn't succeed in getting tickets.

By way of compensation and in collaboration with Chris Cooke on Procol's behalf we announce another celebratory event: there will be a hitherto-unannounced 'meet-and-greet' following Procol Harum's concert on Friday 20 July.

This will take place in the crypt of Saint John's Smith Square, where capacity is again limited for our own safety. There is no charge for this event (except at the bar, where you buy your own drinks, and drinks for the musicians). But entry will be restricted to people wearing the appropriate badge.

How do I get this badge? You will simply need to send an e-mail to 'Beyond the Pale' via a special link (see below). You may order only as many badges as you have tickets for the show, of course. Ensure that your e-mail states the name of each person for whom you are applying. If you don't send names, you won't get badges, and the places will go to someone else.

To make this as fair as possible we shall divide the badges into three doses, and release the doses at staggered times. This is intended to reduce the emphasis on any particular time-zone, since people are coming to the Procol show from all over the world.

BtP activated these three links on 15 June

About half-past midnight
about half-past
eight am
There were about fifty tickets available on each link  - now fully booked

If you are successful, you'll get an e-mail confirmation before the next dose opens. If you're not successful on the first link you try, stay awake and have a go with the second, or the third.

But please be aware ... there is a limited number of places, and as with the Saturday party people who react slowly, or don't read the instructions properly, cannot be accommodated by any amount of special pleading. Sorry! We have to follow the venue's safety-recommendations in this respect.

More about the 40th anniversary celebrations | Basecamp Hotels for 20 / 21 July: click here

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