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Procol Rarum The Lost Songs of Brooker / Reid

Setlist Saturday 21 July 2007 London, England

'Beyond the Pale' presents

Gary Brooker
(vocal, piano)
Keith Reid (words)

with two teams of guests:

Tim Renwick
(guitar); Martin Wright (drums);
Dave Bronze
(bass); Frank Mead (saxes mostly)

Geoff Whitehorn
(guitar); Martin Wright (drums);
Matt Pegg
(bass); Josh Phillips (Hammond organ)

and with
Dave Ball


Support: The Palers' Project: setlist here

If you were able to get to this gig, please send us all your pictures, memorabilia, interviews and so forth!

Setlist recovered from the stage by a fan (thanks, Anvil)


[Brooker / Reid]
'Kings' (FM, tenor): with a triple ending ... 'eye in the middle, eye in the middle, eye in the middle of my head'
(No More) Fear of Flying
[Brooker / Reid]
'Kings' (FM, alto): guitar solo from TR, and a brilliant alto break from FM
[Brooker / Reid]
'Kings' (FM, bones, tambourine): starts with evocation of Highland pipes, as with The Piper's Tune of yore. Very faithful to the early PH version, inc. the syncopated ending
Salad Days (Are Here Again)
[Brooker / Reid]
Just Brooker and Phillips; lost first verse beginning 'Take the ice-cream from my shoes' (as sung to fans by GB on the balcony at the Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, summer 2003)
The Milk of Human Kindness
[Brooker / Reid]
This song was scheduled for Friday 20 July, but omitted: Most of the 'Queens' team knew it well; MW learnt it from an iPod just before the gig, and a tentative quality was apparent, and understandable, in the drumming
A Rum Tale
[Brooker / Reid]
'Queens'; pretty much the standard Procol version. This is not a lost song of Brooker / Reid, but it certainly is a rare song, however frequently it's played.
I Realise / Understandably Blue
[Brooker / Reid]
GB, solo (the setlist showed Understandably Blue). Quite a delicate song which would have suited Petula Clark rather well, had she but heard it. Faintly reminiscent of The Exodus Song at its opening. [The idea of the Procol Rarum show was born, incidentally, one February afternoon after GB played this very early Brooker / Reid song to RC from BtP]
Victims of the Fury
[Brooker / Reid]
'Kings' (TR steel-strung acoustic guitar; FM, tenor): first verse just piano and voice. A fine vocal performance throughout, whereas it has sounded quite strained with Procol from time to time, as it's pitched very high. GB points out that Robin Trower set these Reid words first.
Alaskan King Fever
'Kings' (TR steel-strung acoustic guitar; FM, tenor): song introduced by GB as a kind of follow-up to The Angler: he was in the tundra trying to prevent a mighty salmon pursuing its ancestral breeding path 'I felt so ashamed that I was forced to write a song'.
Bird Island
'Kings' (TR electric guitar; FM, alto): not a Brooker/Reid song, since GB has not yet selected Reid words to go with it. Attractive melodic piece with the vocal line taken by TR, FM providing a counterpoint.
One Eye on the Future
[Brooker / Reid]
'Queens': this has become a familiar song to the cognoscenti, but it's still something of a lost number and obviously deserves to be recorded. The bridge passage, occurring twice, is less harmonically interesting than it was in last century's arrangement: but it's still a fine song.
Something Following Me
[Brooker / Reid]
'Queens': the song is back in the Procol repertoire, where it belongs. Nice performance, not any kind of retread of the 1967 recording: much more of a vehicle for soloing, which was well-received.
Yours if You Want Me
[Brooker / Reid]
'Kings' minus TR; FM alto, Bronzie on electric upright bass, and featuring Dave Ball on his 1958 model Les Paul (Gibson Custom Shop Historic Model Number LPR-8, Serial number 8 7231 for those who need to know these things!). Great R'n'B feel here, the whole piece being a cousin of Hootchie Cootchie Man. Witty, self-deprecating lyric: did I hear 'jazz' rhymed with 'spaz'? Ball on top form and very warmly received by the audience, many of whom had also heard him play with the Palers' Band earlier in the day.
Dancing Underneath the Moon
[Brooker / Reid]
'Kings'  (FM soprano, TR v nice lead gtr, Bronzie elec. upright bass). The lost film-score item, very much a genre piece, played romantically and attractively. [The piano on stage belonged to Roland from BtP and, through an oversight, it was still loaded with his sounds from the Palers' Project set (warm-up, before this show): consequently the Commander had to rummage about a bit to find the electric piano sound he wanted for this number, which it anachronistically suits]
Chasing the Chop
[Brooker / Reid]
'Kings' (FM tenor, TR lead, Bronzie bass guitar). Or is it Chasing for the Chop? Splendid song, played with committed, chugging verve (had been heard over and over at soundcheck, incidentally).
Poison Ivy
[Leiber / Stoller]
'Kings' as above. By no means a rare song, nor by Brooker/Reid! This iconic item was the decisive watershed by which we knew we had shifted from a Procol emporium into a No Stiletto Shoe-shop

Presentation, by Roland and Jens from 'Beyond the Pale' on behalf of Procol Harum fans worldwide,
of two Bristol blue glass trophies for Gary Brooker and Keith Reid, commemorating over forty years of Unique Entertainment.
The boxed plaques were brought on stage by Al Edelist in 'One Eye Pizza Delivery' tee-shirt
Full details here

War is not Healthy
[Brooker / Reid]
'Kings' + 'Queens'; the two bands combine on a protracted work-out version of this 2003 Procol stage number; it works very well for a party-style climax and there was plenty of dancing and singing along. Of all the styles visited in tonight's show, this was the least Procolian, oddly enough. It was such a good ending to the show that the scheduled Shake, Rattle and Roll (which had been extensively rehearsed) would have been entirely redundant.


17 songs altogether: 2 From Procol Harum 0 from Shine on Brightly
1 From  A Salty Dog 0 From  Home 0 from  Broken Barricades
1 From  Grand Hotel 0 From Exotic Birds and Fruit 0 from Procol's Ninth
0 From Something Magic 0 From The Prodigal Stranger 0 from The Well's on Fire
1 non-originals 10 Unrecorded song 2 Brooker solo recording

Very good musical guests, and some completely unpredictable song choices, made for an enthralling 'Procol Rarum' concert, judiciously different in tone from the previous evening's Procol Harum show.

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