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Procol Harum 40th Anniversary 2007

St John's Smith Square 20 and 21 July 2007

How to get to Saint John's Smith Square by tube ... the route (follow the green line) that will make most sense to anyone staying in either of BtP's Basecamp Hotels. You come out of Westminster tube station, and immediately see the tower of Big Ben and The London Eye. The walk to St John's is 460 paces (BtP counted). On that short walk  the tourist will pass by Parliament Square, The Palace of Westminster, St Margaret's Chapel in the grounds of Westminster Abbey, Old Palace Yard, statues of George V, Oliver Cromwell, and someone on a horse, the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Memorial, The Jewel Tower, Henry Moore's 'Knife Edge' sculpture, Abingdon Street car park, and the Slovenian Embassy.


Big Ben, seen while walking from the Tube Station to the concert venue

The Palace of Westminster, seen while walking from the Tube Station to the concert venue

Almost outside the venue, looking back at Big Ben, not far away

Street approaching the venue: not everyone has been impressed by the beauty of this building,  which was described
by Charles Dickens in Our Mutual Friend as resembling 'a petrified monster on its back with its legs in the air.'

Steps up to the entrance

St John's Smith Square, taken in a concert interval

Again, a view over people's heads from behind the back row of paying seats

BtP props up the mighty pillars outside, or vice versa

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