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Matt Pegg on the road in the UK, 22 November 2008 (1)

At the Beaufort Theatre, Ebbw Vale, playing bass with folk-rock super-group, The Gathering


 The Gathering: Doug Morter (Albion Band), Ray Jackson (Lindisfarne), Kristina Donahue (thrice a Fairport guest vocalist),
Jerry Donahue (Fairport Convention), Matt Pegg (Procol Harum) ... an excellent and memorable night's musical entertainment


Jerry Donahue and Matt Pegg: striking musicians, the one conspicuous for some hair-raising bends, the other for some lightning runs

Doug Morter and Ray Jackson, guitar and mandolin

Jackson, Bunker, Donahue Sr and Pegg. Matt may have been an emergency replacement ... but you'd never have known: the whole
band was well-integrated. It's hard to believe that he learned such a wide variety of songs on the 'plane and at the soundcheck.

Clive Bunker, centre ... never easy to get a worthwhile shot of the drummer


Matt and his 5-string bass


Ray and Kristina took the bulk of the vocals but also sang some great back-up to Doug

Matt'n'Jerry (right to left)

Doug (far left) did the bulk of the introductions ... most drolly to boot. The audience being quite small,
he said 'hello' to each patron individually, and told us we looked 'hyggelig' (Doug lives in Denmark).

Mr Pegg, at rest and at play. There were some ardent folk-rock fans in the bar. Before the show, Matt remarked
that wherever he plays in the world, his dad has always played there first.

Kristina played some percussion, and there were several stirring instrumentals

Standout song, to the visitors from Bristol, was probably For Shame of Doing Wrong by Richard Thompson, sung by Kristina with a nod to Sandy Denny

Peter Justesen adds that 'hyggelig' (see above) is ... 'not a word that can be translated into any other language. But it means something like cosy, comfortable,
an especially nice feeling. Just like sitting in your best chair close to the fireplace surrounded by a few good friends, having a nice glass of wine
in your hand – and listening to Procol Harum (definitely not Still There’ll Be More, which immediately will ruin the special feeling :-))

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