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Procol Harum at Moscow, Russia

Setlist: 13 October 2009

Brooker, Dunn, Pegg, Phillips, Whitehorn

If you were able to get to this gig, please send us all your pictures, memorabilia, interviews and so forth!

Conquistador great power
Broken Barricades extended ending: Dunn amazing
One Eye on the Future a must-see, live
solid as always: nice new power from Geoff Dunn
TV Ceasar Dunn just gets it. Nice solo  from Josh Phillips
Pandora's Box lots of power
Robert's Box everything sounds amazing [live download here]
Wall Street Blues very nice solo from Geoff Whitehorn extended midsection
Taking the Time guitar-line for initial horn and the Speakeasy bluesy/jazz midsection and ending play between Geoff W and Josh. Rockin'!
Barnyard Story 'one of our happier tunes' solid
Sister Mary 'dedicated to the people from last night' more condensed and powerful. Nice decorations by Josh during last verse. Another one to see live
Beyond the Pale very powerful with nice crowd response - a second ending for an audience hoy!
Grand Hotel Gary's hand falls off the front of the keyboard for a good laugh la Victor Borge during the piano solo. Massive response and applause
Cerdes (Outside the Gates of) the power is astonishing! Massive ending and crowd applause
A Salty Dog 'for all of our friends who couldn't be here tonight and for those who watch us from above'. Amazing and full!

Band intros
(YouTube clip here)

Russian National Anthem lead-in to A Whiter Shade of Pale massive applause, and everyone stood up for the anthem (YouTube clip here)

Massive applause, possibly hoping for another encore that didn't happen; smiles all around from the band during and after the show.

Soundcheck notes

Start approx 3:25
Broken Barricades (instrumental)
Grand Hotel
Russian Anthem into AWSoP (a few times)
Regular ending of AWSoP
Missing Persons
Whisky Train (instrumental, basically)
Whaling Stories (instrumental, mostly)
Taking the Time (playing the guitar/Hammond exchange)
End about 4:20




songs altogether:


From Procol Harum


from Shine on Brightly


From  A Salty Dog


From  Home


from  Broken Barricades


From  Grand Hotel


From Exotic Birds and Fruit


from Procol's Ninth


From Something Magic


From The Prodigal Stranger


from The Well's on Fire

2 non-album tracks 2 Not yet recorded in studios Procol in Moscow, eight years earlier: here and here

Concert notes and soundcheck report from Allen 'One-Eye' Edelist thanks!

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