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Join Procol Harum at work 2009

Leave your own musical traces on the forthcoming album

Lately we showed Matt Pegg on his way to work on the recording of the new Procol Harum album.

Now BtP can offer fans the chance to visit the band in the studio, hang out in the accommodation they use, watch them at work, participate in after-session parties and musicians take note actually to play (even if only a few notes) on the forthcoming album.

Read on for details.

Pictured (right) is the studio complex at Castle Marisco, EX39 2LY UK
(click here for map)

We'll need to have an idea of numbers, and the most popular dates, before pricing this see below but whatever it costs, it's going to be worth every penny ('cent', if American people are reading this).

Access is not particularly straightforward but it can be done with suitable know-how. BtP will be hiring a small boat (professionally crewed) or possibly (depending on uptake) a middle-sized helicopter (with qualified pilot and robust winch).

Be aware that some walking will be involved in order to reach the music complex.

Imagine yourself hobnobbing with Brooker, Trower, Laboriel, Ostrobox and all the rest, in the castle's state-of-the-art studio (control-room pictured).

Whatever track(s) the band happen to be working on, Procoholic visitors will be invited to contribute piano, guitar, bass, organ, or percussion parts whether or not you can play, just lay down your sound at this 6,000-track studio. If you wish to play trumpet, bassoon, tuba etc, you will have to bring your own, but please be aware that luggage space on the voyage/flight is likely to be pretty limited.

Your contribution to the Procol session is quite likely to be mixed out, but everyone who has paid for the trip is guaranteed that at least one note of their contribution will be retained, and you will be presented with a souvenir acetate of the track(s) you have played on, worth at least 380 on eBay.

If you choose not to play, never fear: take your chance to contribute words of your own devising (though, as with the music, they will probably be edited out: your guarantee is that at least one syllable of your verbal additions will make it to the final mix.)

As well as the music and all the non-stop socialising there will be opportunities to view local wildlife (see illustration), pick local plants, and take turns in cooking meals.

The studio complex is served by a team of local hostesses who will cater to your every requirement (see illustration).

Guests will sleep in individual rooms in parts of the castle that are roofed and dry.

As winds can reach savage speeds you will be obliged to wear a lifejacket at all times.

The fee you pay (see below) will entitle you to a number of different-coloured badges, which you will wear to indicate your requirements: purple for your studio-visit, red for food, blue for clean drinking-water, orange for sleeping, green for a dance, yellow for leaving the room, and black for a midnight trip to the cliff-edge to witness the mating ritual of Siegfried's Cormorant, considered a tasty delicacy by some in these parts.

A tiny crimson badge will entitle you to participate in the Frisbee tournament, subject to demand.

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of a working music-complex (illustration, right) with 'Beyond the Pale' and a posse of Procol fans from around the world. Have your photo taken up on the battlements with Cher, Courtney Love, Christine Aguilera, Eartha Kitt, Helen Shapiro, Kate Bush, Savage Rose etc (subject to availability).

To indicate your interest (but without making any commitment) send us a Quick Note by Clicking Here. Specify all the weekends in May 2009 that would suit you (2/3 May, 9/10 May, 16/17 May, 23/24 May, 30/31 May) and let us do the rest.

If there are sufficient takers, there may well be more than one excursion. In that case, you may visit as many times as you wish.

pic. Hans Teutiger ... thanks, Hans

Small print: participants in the 'Play on the new Procol album' offer must sign a waiver disclaiming any royalties, composition credits, etc in respect of the track(s) on which their contributions appear. Homeward flight/voyage not included in price calculations. 'Beyond the Pale' cannot be held responsible in the event of Deadly Biohazard etc. Tides can go down as well as up.


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