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… a true reflection on my life, experiences and emotions …

A Dutchman in Poland, 2001

Jos van der Woensel writes to BtP:

Picture from Mirek Plodzik

As a 56 year-old I never was more excited than to arrive at Warsaw last Friday, taking a cab to the city, subdued with business thoughts, when my eyes catched the strange yellow billboards telling Procol Harum.

My first thoughts were that again one of the many disco bands like in Russia, Rumania and Hungary were using names of famous bands to attract an audience.

"Disco?" I asked the cabby. "No Sir, this' for real!"

He grinned and I lost interest in my thoughts about business problem which suddenly were getting in perspective and not larger than life as we humanlike sometimes make them.

My thoughts went back to the sixties, the first time I heard the tones of an organ floating through an opened door of my famous cafe "the Old Inn" at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. 1967 I think. I bought the LP., and another ... I was a (small time) sailor at that time but the days aboard ship during long crossings in the Atlantic and the Pacific became shorter with The Wreck of the Hesperus, Salty Dog and you name it. Getting back in memory...

Don't ask how, but I obtained a ticket last Friday, setting aside all appointments. I entered the old Stalin Building, did my turn on buying enthusiastically the 60's Shirts and particularly the CD, to discover it was recorded in 1992 in Utrecht, my country, The Netherlands. Some time to reflect again. 1992 in Holland ???

About the Warsaw concert ? I loved it, not only for the reasons I described above. It was for my a true reflection on my life, experiences and emotions. Silly maybe and I am not a person who normally would react in hype to the experience but I thought this time just to give you guys a small inside on someone's thoughts.

Saturday I returned home, told every little detail to my wife in enthusiasm; went late evening to a surprise dinner of my bank with her. Starring there... The Three Degrees....Back to the Seventies.

The moral of this story ?? A happy couple reflecting on years over this weekend, great years of music, love, emotions and experiences. If you ever decide not to go on concert anymore, think about the crazy lovers of PH music who suddenly rediscover that reflections on life does have a real meaning.

Thanks for a great concert and tell Gary that I gave up my fear for flying a long time ago and envy the fact that his voice hasn't changed over the years. I can't say so myself!

My English as a Dutchman is not perfect, but I hope the intention is understood.

Best regards
Jos van der Woensel
The Netherlands

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