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Procol Harum in Kristiansand, 2001

First images from the Palers' Band in Kristiansand

The Palers' Band, Norwegian division: team photo, before we started to play.
Procol Harum themsleves were witness to the taking of this picture, and heard our first few songs ...
we played Shine on Brightly to them, then later in the evening they played it to us. Rather better!

Jens, Dag and Gunnar playing Salad Days (Are Here Again)

Two webmasters in rapt concentration as AWSoP unfolds at the end of the recital

Father and son: Torjus and Jens Shine on Brightly

Above and below: Per, Atle ...
Jan, Karl and Per again ... Homburg ... Stein was on piano ... he's in the team photo

'There I go ... !' Rambling On with Roland, Torjus, Steinar and Peter on the drums

Rambling On with Steinar, Peter, Leif-Otto and Runar … during the exciting 'lift-off' music …

Bjørn Røvær, Holding On

Dag and Gunnar ... nice to see inside the C3 ...
where Matthew Fisher later signed his name, having played Separation on it.

Torgeir ... who played AWSoP and Pilgrim's Progress, which he also sang

Leif-Otto in rehearsal, between verses of A Whiter Shade of Pale, with Roland and Gunnar

Steinar and Leif-Otto

'It's all up with Mr Krupp' ...
Sam reprises his Keith Reid party-piece from Guildford, with Leif-Otto on the Beatle bass and Steinar on drums

Toastmaster Jens introduces the raffle of the 2001 tour tee-shirt,
designed by Christine Ayre, and signed by Procol Harum ...
Mr Gary Brooker selects the winning ticket ... from a spectacle case ... before departing.
'I'd love to stay,' he declared. 'I think the band are great ... I just can't stand the music!'

And in rehearsal ... Peter Clare on drums (he also played bass and piano)

Two organists comparing notes ... Runar and Gunnar

A quick Metallica tribute from Torjus Ravnaas

Missing from above ... Linda Clare (percussion) who took the photos

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