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'How Far Can Sailors Fly …'

Official souvenir CD of the Palers' Band at Kristiansand

Here, at last, is your chance to buy a 12-dollar Souvenir of Kristiansand, the Official CD of the Palers' Band (+ a 1973 bonus track inspired by Grand Hotel) as recorded from the audience during the Kristiansand Palers' Party in May 2001. Eighteen talented fans got together to play a selection of Procol material, in the presence of the band themselves … the online buying link is at the foot of this page.

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Hear a selection from the CD here

Shine On Brightly
Salad Days (Are Here Again)
As Strong as Samson
A Rum Tale
Holding On
Pilgrims Progress
She Wandered Through the Garden Fence
Mr Krupp
A Salty Dog
Rambling On
Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone)
A Whiter Shade of Pale
Yesterday – Tomorrow


Recorded live to minidisc from the audience on 26 May 2001 at the Quality Hotel, Kristiansand, Norway; FoH sound by Gunnar Thommesen. Production and liner note by Jens Anders Ravnaas; copyright control by GEMA; cover by Richard Beck; graphic design by Anne Maren Ravnaas; bonus track recorded by the band Compact in Oslo, 1973, all rights reserved.

The Palers’ Band: Sam Cameron (UK); Linda Clare (UK); Peter Clare (UK); Roland Clare (UK); Leif Otto Eriksen (Norway); Torgeir Hefre (Norway); Jens Anders Ravnaas (Norway); Torjus Ravnaas (Norway); Steinar Revheim (Norway); Bjørn Rovar (Norway); Gunnar Stedje (Norway); Runar Todok (Norway); Dag Tveikra (Norway) with (on Homburg) Per Andersen (Norway); Jan Athammer (Norway); Karl Glørstad (Norway); Stein Kaald (Norway); Atle Strøm (Norway): read the full setlist to establish exactly who is playing what.

The bonus track, Yesterday – Tomorrow, features the band Compact: Gunnar Stedje (keyboards, singing), Olav Stedje (lead vox, guitars), Albert Olaf Fedje (drums) and Ove Røv (bass). The music was written during a lesson for mentally-challenged children by music-therapist Gunnar Stedje, who had just heard the Grand Hotel album through for the first time and wanted to give shape to the impressions of it that were swirling in his head; Ove Røv's words were jotted on a napkin on the way to the recording studio!

Thanks to Gunnar Thommesen (G Thomas) for the loan of his PA system and his help; to Atle Lægreid and Lægreid Turisthotell for the loan of their fantastic Hammond, to Bjørn Rovar and Peter Froning, generous friends; and monster thanks to Procol Harum.

This souvenir CD costs a modest 12 US dollars plus shipping, and is available from the link below (pay online by credit card in US dollars). It comes with a full liner-note and with a great cover, and is ready from November 2001. Please order now!

Any profits from the sale of this recording go towards the work of BtP in furthering the cause of Procol Harum; it is being released with the kind co-operation of all the musicians, including Compact. Hermann Braunschmidt has arranged for full composer-royalties to be paid on each copy so that Brooker, Fisher, and Reid will be rewarded for writing all their material. We'd be very grateful if purchasers could kindly refrain from burning further copies of this recording.


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How Far Can Sailors Fly?

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Procol Harum in Kristiansand

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