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Procol Harum • Keitelejazz Festival • Äänekoski, Finland

Thursday 22 July 2010

Procol Harum top the bill at the Keitelejazz Festival on Thursday, a 'rematch' after last year's part-show following Gary Brooker's injury. (See who's played here since 1985)

National and international ticket sales office is Lippupiste – Service in English available. Tickets go on sale in March

Normally our own ticket sales office doesn't take reservations, but  we can make an exception with foreign customers. Tickets can be  reserved by telephone (+358405106795), and then paid in cash at the gate.'

Äänekoski is in the middle of Finland (click here) by the E75 highway, about 40 km north of Jyväskylä, 20 km from Jyväskylä airport in the Finnish Lake District.

The main gigs happen in the Jazz Tent situated in Rantapuisto near town centre. Other venues include Town Hall and Tahti Restaurant.

Jorma Härkönen writes to 'Beyond the Pale'
For those who are planning to get to Central Finland from abroad for the Procol Harum concert on 22 July, I would suggest to find a hotel (or whichever accommodation you wish) in the city of Jyväskylä, which is less than 1 hour drive from the small town of Äänekoski, where the venue of the concert is. Jyväskylä is a  modern city with beautiful sceneries and lots of good restaurants and bars open till late.

By far the best way to get to the concert is a special train which they decided to put in traffic for this special day.  You can take a train ride from Jyväskylä railway station up to Äänekoski by old-style local train. The train on the concert day leaves at 16.40 and it takes one hour along the rail track where there is no passenger traffic nowadays at all. The return train leaves at 00.30 and is back in Jyväskylä at 01.30. Tickets are available when boarding the train, according to the organiser’s information.

Here is a good link for all travel planning in the area:

I hope that this information is useful for you and look forward to see many foreign Procol fans in Finland !

Paula Autio adds,
For more information, see the Festival website: , and get information about ticket booking in English.

Travelling and overnight: you can take a flight or any bus or train to Jyväskylä. It lies in the middle of the country. Then take a bus to Äänekoski, about 40 kilometers north of Jyväskylä, 20 kilometers north of the airport. The hotels may be sold out very soon.

Here are some most popular hotels about 20–40 kilometers from KeiteleJazz. Try availability and do booking/paying by your net account. I could also advise you to get cheap travels and accommodation in good nethotels, if you like. You are welcome, hope to see you there!

One more hint for the last day's booking: there are available twin rooms at 75 Euros, twin rooms with sauna at 100 Euros or a family room with sauna at 150 Euros in a convenient student campus in Suolahti. The little town lies ten minutes from Äänekoski [say: a:nekoski]. The local train takes you to the Keitele Jazz Festival Area and back on Wednesday 21 July and Thursday 22 July.

Timetable: Wednesday 21 July: Jyvaskyla 18.30–Suolahti 19.15–Aanekoski 19.25; at night: Aanekoski 00.30–Suolahti 00.40–Jyvaskyla 01.30

Thursday 22 July: Jyvaskyla 16.40–Suolahti 17.25–Aanekoski 17.40; at night: Aanekoski 00.30–Suolahti 00.40–Jyvaskyla 01.30

The weather will be sunshine, raining and thundering. Five-day forecast here


Finnair flights here

Railways in Finland

Finnish 'buses

Accommodation here

We'd like to hear from Finnish Procol Harum fans (please click here) who can help with further details about the festival, getting to Äänekoski, and generally travelling in Finland.

Because Finnish is an unfamiliar – though beautiful – language, international Palers are going to need more help than usual!

Charlie Allison writes to BtP: 'I got my ticket from Finland today ... bought it over the phone, as it was not on sale on the website. The other bit of info is that according to the ticket The Yardbirds (and another, local band) are also on the bill that night.'


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