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Booking your tickets for the 2013 Convention

Fans have surely noticed that Procol Harum tickets for Friday and Saturday, 5 and 6 April 2013, in Wuppertal, Germany, are sold out  the whole weekend is going to be a huge success. There are of course still tickets for the parties ... now read on.

What is this 'Echoes in the Night'?

In a nutshell: Procol are playing on the Friday and Saturday at the Wuppertal Stadthalle. 'Echoes in the Night' is the umbrella-name for three great social event for fans, organised jointly by Beyond the Pale' and 'Whaling Stories', as follows:

    (1) an elegant Friday aftershow buffet reception at the Stadthalle    
    (2) a Saturday afternoon Procol fans' convention at Live Club Barmen ('LCB')
    (3) a Saturday end-of-tour celebration also back at Live Club Barmen

We're providing three 'bus rides between Stadthalle/Basecamp and LCB on Saturday 6 April as well:

1845 free shuttle-'bus from Live Club Barmen to Stadthalle where Procol Harum play
2215 free shuttle-'bus from Stadthalle where Procol Harum play to Live Club Barmen for the final fling of 'Echoes in the Night'

Our online booking is being handled by Wuppertal Live. It's simple: click on their link, and where you see the word 'Suche' ('search') type 'Procol' then make your purchases: you'll get your ticket by e-mail, to print at home.

If you don't read German, click here for a step-by-step guide on how to negotiate the ticket-purchasing machinery

The following 'Options' are still available (formerly, we were also supplying Procol concert tickets, but that offer has now expired): select what you want, then order from Wuppertal Live

Option F 3 Friday
5 April 2013
Of course you can choose to come to the elegant aftershow event even if you're not coming to Friday's Procol Harum concert!
Single admission to elegant aftershow buffet reception at the Stadthalle [price includes food, but you pay for drink at the bar]
25 Euros

Option S 3 Saturday
6 April 2013
As above, you are welcome to the Saturday events specified here even if you aren't going to Saturday's Procol Harum concert
Single admission to both events at Live Club Barmen [afternoon fans' convention with music and meal, Mystery Guest, and (paying) bars; plus end-of-tour celebrations with more music and (paying) bars, open until late; plus three 'bus rides from Basecamp Hotel to LCB; back to Basecamp for the PH Stadthalle gig; and back to LCB for the end-of-tour celebrations]
30 Euros

Note 1
Since party-goers won't all want to leave the Saturday night celebrations at the same time, we're not providing a late 'bus back to
Basecamp, but we're recommending shared taxis: the price per vehicle should be about 10 Euros.
Note 2
As with all our parties, 'Beyond the Pale' is not planning to make a profit. Our only aim is to provide a marvellous and memorable experience for Procol Harum fans (and for the band!), so the prices you see above are an honest reflection of the anticipated costs of providing the necessary rooms, transport, lighting and music gear, hired staff, catering, booking agency, and so on.
Note 3
Like all online booking agencies, Wuppertal Live charges a commission for ticket sales ... on the other hand there is no postage charge, since the tickets will reach you by e-mail.

(Many thanks to Marcus Grebe and Dirk Jessewitsch, as well as to Michael Ackermann, for their invaluable help with all this and more)

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