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Robin Trower in Ridgefield, USA

Ken Stasion reports October 2014

Robin Trower at The Ridgefield Playhouse in beautiful Ridgefield CT was another barnstormer. I went with my musical paramour JoAnn: she's a massive blues aficionado and for years I'd been telling her, "You ain't seen nuthin' ... when Trower comes around we're going." So we did. It was a sold-out show and the fans, while polite, were often on their feet including me.

Robin made no mention of the passing of Jack Bruce but it was the talk of the fans in the lobby and bars. Trower's band were two quite young fellows I'd never seen or heard of before. More power to them for getting what is surely a dream gig. They were great and the bass player had a suitably Trower-esque voice. I must say though, I missed terribly so Davey Pattison and Pete Thompson. Often Robin will have either the great Dave Bronze or the very gifted Glen Letch on bass and sometimes Livingston Brown. All these members I identify with the "Trower" band,  especially Davey Pattison. So in a way, I felt a bit deprived but glad for his bandmates.

Trower played like I'd never seen him play before .. completely at the top of his game. He was brilliant. For the gear heads, he played his signature Fender Strat through two Marshall modern/vintage heads outfitted in dark green Tolex through two 2 Marshall 2x12 cabs with fawn Tolex coverings. I could spot two Fulltone pedals but the monitor obscured the rest.

I'm glad to say Robin looked quite fit (old as we're all getting) and considering all he's been through, that's a relief. I tried to write a set list but it was too dark and I wound up with scribble. Trower greatly varied the sets this time. When's the last time you heard For Earth Below? His extended jams are a display of technical mastery and ethereal mystery. He did it all.

BTW the concert swag: a collection of very cool shirts. one of which I got celebrating the fortieth anniversary of Bridge of Sighs. A poster was available too.

The opening act, "Strange Vein", was a power duo. They were very good but used programmed bass lines: that just doesn't rock me. I need real bass players and sweaty drummers. But they are a worthwhile act though.

In Ridgefield CT., Jo and I were recommended to go to a bar called 'The Ancient Mariner' .... so Procol-sounding, you know we couldn't pass that up. Dig Trower and check out the swag ... very cool. To Jack Bruce ... Rest In Peace ... I know Robin loves you and so do we all.

Cheers, Kaleidoscope Ken

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