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Procol Harum fans' party at Zoetermeer (nr. Amsterdam) Holland

Palers' Band for Thursday 26 May 2016 Now full !

We have a strong team now (midnight 24 March 2016) for this new venture: as many as we can accommodate for rehearsal and performance. Many thanks to all who expressed an interest and commiserations to those who can be with us only in spirit!

Gummo Clare

lead + bass
maybe next time
Roland Clare

piano, bass, clarinet
accordion, vox
Tito Davila

Ian Hockley

organ, vox
Katie Hockley

voice, organ
Wolfgang Lieke

drums and
Jens Anders

Gary Shepard

guitar, bass,
Jonas Soderstrom

ac gtr, vox,
bass, balalaika
Hans Tammes

ac gtr

This is the ninth incarnation of the Palers' Band, which meets on the fringes of Procol's own concerts and plays the Harum repertoire at Palers' parties. Previous meetings include Mirelle's in Westbury, NY, USA, in July 2014,
Live Club Barmen in Wuppertal, April 2013; St John's in London, July 2007; Domus Felix, Lejre (two nights in 2006); BB King's Club in Hollywood (two nights in July 2003); Salford University, UK, in June 2001;
Quality Hotel Kristiansand, May 2001; and the Civic Centre in Guildford in 2000, where the whole enterprise began.

We're doing things a bit differently this time (after eight full-on Palers' Band extravaganzas): a small stage, and a couple of shortish, 'unplugged' sets on Thursday 26 May.

The rehearsals are on Monday 23, Tuesday 24, and Wednesday 25 May at a small, nicely-equipped studio on the edge of nearby Voorburg (one thing that hasn't changed: once you agree to play, please treat it as a commitment)

Guitarists and bassists will bring their own instruments but backline, Roland digital piano, Pearl drums and a small PA will be provided.

The hired gear we rehearse with will then be transported to the party, so it will all be familiar when we play live.

BtP won't be using the typical players' sign-up form, because the available playing-space just won't work with the usual big crowd (much as we love that approach).

We'll decide what can be done, in terms of instrumentation and repertoire, when we know who's interested: so please send an e-mail to and say hello. Just one caveat: as far as drummers/percussionists go, we're now FULL. Sorry!

Thanks to a healthy uptake involving players and singers from from UK, USA, Oman, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands we'll be closing applications at 23:59 GMT on Thursday 24 March.

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