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Procol Harum at Zoetermeer: aftershow party

How to book your place(s) for Thursday 26 May 2016

A lot of people ask for tickets to the after-show part only of the Procol Fans' Convention.

We're now close enough to the event to feel able to offer some after-show only tickets. These will entitle the holder to join the party at Clooney's Restaurant [riding the hired 'bus back from the Procol gig if they wish]
where they'll have a chance to chat with fellow-fans, meet the band, listen to live music (don't be surprised to hear a world première from a fine and familiar voice!) and to participate in an early celebration of Gary Brooker's birthday (the following Sunday).

Your after-show ticket (it will in the form of a lapel-badge, to collect at the door) pay
s for the following ...

Transfer to the party in our hired bus four drinks at the bar (you can of course pay for additional drinks)
the company of fellow fans from many nations live music
birthday cake!  

All this for the excellent price of 27 Euros, which will go towards our costs booking the venue and catering, hiring the gear, and so on

Capacity is fixed, and places are available from 9 May on a first-come-first served basis.

Don't hesitate: book your aftershow party ticket(s) now using this button

The Procol Fans' Convention after-show ticket-price does NOT include the Procol show at De Boerderij, nor Basecamp Hotel accommodation

If the PayPal instructions appear in Norwegian (as they well might, since Norway's where 'Beyond the Pale' is based!) and if you don't understand Norwegian, just click here to see all the unfamiliar words translated into English.


Click on the images above to enlarge the Norwegian > English translation instructions

We look forward to seeing many Procol fans – newcomers and habitual party-goers – at this excellent event on 26 May 2016!

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