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Procol Harum at Katowice, Poland, 2017

Reviewed by Mirek Plodzik for BtP

For the first time in my life I went to a concert without a camera. I did not even have a piece of paper. I did not have to do anything except listening and watching Procol Harum. What a relief when a man gives himself only to Music.

Last time I saw them many years ago in Dolina Charlotty (Poland, 2010), so for that on last Sunday 15 October I was like a cold turkey. Fortunately, the gig did not start on Sunday Morning, but on Sunday night. The same set list as in Szczecin. The same amount of audience (probably 3,000). Excellent acoustics. Very good gameplay.

Several standing ovation. Great team form and, above all, the excellent Gary’s vocal. Besides, the Commander as usual showed his great storytelling talent. Only shame, he shaved his five o’clock shadow. In my opinion he looks better with the growth. And it's just a pity that after A Whiter Shade – when the audience wanted more and more – the lights above us came on. This forced end of the gig caused made us feel somewhat dissatisfied. (Of course, as usual I was waiting for a miracle, that is Lead me to the Water by Procol Harum).

Moreover, after the concert, there was no chance of meeting with the band in the lobby. Mr Chris Cooke did not remember my modest person from Katowice, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and my articles for Tylko Rock magazine and the many others. He just nodded that he did not remember anything. Not surprisingly! Because a dozen years ago the manager was Mark Lundquist. Probably my memory's going!

During the concert Gary Brooker showed that he has a better memory than me. He remembered all the dates and cities they had played in Poland since 1976. Further, The Commander has not only good memory, but knows more and more Polish words such as „niedziela” („Sunday”) or „sasiad” („neighbour”). Earlier he knew only „thank you” in Polish („dziekuje”).

The most impressive thing on me was making a song from the new album The Only One.

Finally, I was only able to get autographs of the musicians, but the promoter's assistant was mistaken for names and Mirek became Marek (Mark in English). Does not matter! Most importantly, Procol Harum is back on the road. At the end, Gary promised the audience that they would come back. „We will back!”. I take him at his word.

Thanks, Mirek


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