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Procol Harum at Moscow, Russia

Monday 12 November 2018

Procol were to  play the Crocus City Hall, but as of 8 October the gig is in doubt, to the band's regret. 'We are not convinced that the promoter is able to meet his commitments,' said PH management.

19 October: BtP checked with management about the status of the proposed shows in Russia, and received the following response: 'Regrettably our earlier difficulties have not been resolved, so we must confirm that the band will not be able to perform either in Moscow or Yekaterinburg this November. As all fans know, the band is reluctant to cancel shows; but sometimes the choice has to be made.'

30 October, Management Statement for the avoidance of doubt:

There no longer exists a valid contract for PH to play concerts in Russia. The promoter has been instructed to cease advertising and to advise ticket holders of the situation.'

31 October
I regret that as manager of Procol Harum I must make a statement to protect the reputation of the band; also to ensure that all ticket-holders are aware that the shows in Russia have been cancelled.

This contract has been in breach since 6 October.  However my correspondence with Vladimir Kazykhanov of Razzle Wolf Concert Agency continued, until 15 October, when I confirmed "officially that the band will not perform in Russia”.

Yesterday, in response to my e-mail to the Agency demanding that they “Inform all relevant parties immediately” regarding the cancellations, I received the following reply: "When I get money for the air tickets I will certainly do it”.

Razzle Wolf has received all contractual refunds regarding the cancellation of this contract. Vladimir implies that we are profiting from this cancellation, whereas I can confirm that our losses including re-routing caused by the failure of Razzle Wolf to honour the contract are substantial

Should there be any need for further discussions in regard to the cancellation it should be between Razzle Wolf and the band, and should in no way inconvenience the fans or cause them to be out of pocket.

To fail to advise the ticket-holders of the situation is in the least disingenuous; however, in my opinion, it is dishonest to continue to pretend to the public that the shows might go ahead. 

Chris Cooke


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