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Procol Harum at The London Palladium

'A Souvenir of London' • Thursday 2 April 2020

24 March 2020: this show is rescheduled for May 2021 ... click here

In its latest corona-virus proclamation the British Government has 'advised' people to keep away from theatres

West-End theatres have therefore been obliged to close

The London Palladium will be dark on 2 April 2020

With great regret, therefore, Procol Harum will be unable to
present their much-anticipated 'Souvenir of London' concert

Ticket-holders may be able to claim back their ticket outlay

We're also sorry to add that the 'Beyond the Pale' gathering, for fans, at O Neill's, will perforce not now take place


Procol Harum to pay a return visit to the UK's most famous theatre, just eighteen months after their sell-out triumph with the 'Edmonton Revisited' show.

'Beyond the Pale' has reserved a neighbouring restaurant for Procol fans for eating before the show: please click here for details.

Ticket pre-sale on 7 November started at 10:00 BST

For two hours – between 10 am and noon, London time – the pre-sale applied exclusively
to readers of this 'Beyond the Pale' page

(thanks, Marina)

Procol Harum will play
with full symphony orchestra and chorus
The London Palladium, in Argyll Street,
London W1, England, Europe.

Click here for a useful Google map

The concert ... long-planned ... was finally
announced on 6 November at 10am BST

The main public sale of tickets started on 8 November:

Prices:  £75–00, £55–00, £45–00, £35–00, £30–00

Doors open 18:30, and showtime is 19:30


Presale note: we're informed by Senbla that 2020's pre-sale contains tickets in various parts of the Palladium: 'A good selection of seats on all prices and areas of the house will be available and we’ve made sure that enough of the best seats are loaded for this pre-sale' is their precise wording.

There's still of course a chance that someone who bought a public ticket on 8 November will have a better seat than someone who bought a pre-sale ticket on 7 November ... because the pre-sale isn't a big block down the front, but offers early-bird tickets in different parts of the venue.

It may seem complicated or illogical ... but it's intended to be fair, and it's absolutely better than having no presale at all. The last Palladium show sold out extremely quickly, and this pre-sale is designed to help hardcore fans who'd be hugely miffed to be denied, through tardiness, a seat in the public sale.

'They will perform tracks from across their varied career as one of Britain’s pioneering symphonic rock bands
in the fittingly grand venue of the London Palladium, alongside orchestra and choir in a show not to be missed.'

On 8 November 2019 RC from BtP asked Gary Brooker,
'Is it OK to put on the website that you will perform 'A Souvenir of London'?
GB's response was, 'Yes, if you do not think it will put people off'.

This choral/orchestral concert, Procol's sixth in London, brings the British capital's tally of such shows ahead of Edmonton and Copenhagen, with their five similarly elaborate concerts.

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