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Procol Harum + 1 • rehearsals, and an announcement

Photos from 27–29 April 2021 by Barry Sinclair and Geoff Dunn

April 2021, and the Procols foregather, somewhere in Southern England, to play for the first time since Covid reared its ugly head.
Geoff Whitehorn in personalised trousers and 'This Granddad belongs to ...' tee-shirt; and playing his own 'Horncaster' lockdown special (BS)

Geoff D, Matt and Josh are their familiar selves, on their familiar instruments. (BS)

Casper (Dunn) fixes a civilised eye on the photographer (BS)

He also poses fetchingly with the drum kit (GD)

Procol are playing Fresh Fruit here, capitalising on the guest vocalist's input (BS)

Downtime for the Dunns (BS)

A different day, different outfits, and a sopha in view (BS)

Can't tell from here if those guitars are also 'Horncasters' (BS)

GB's rig includes a second keyboard, a sound module, and an assistant to keep watch on the associated cabling (GD)

Looks like a pretty useful music stand on the piano (BS)

A Salty Dog? This Old Dog? Every Dog will Have his Day? Whatever the band's playing, it seemingly has a relaxing effect on Casper (GD)

In the doorway, Mr Gary Brooker, looking well (BS). Procol Harum later sent out the following announcement:

PROCOL HARUM NEWS (29 April 2021)


On the advice of doctors, Gary Brooker will soon be undergoing some medical procedures
that require a period of convalescence.


Procol Harum regret, therefore, that they will not be able
to perform until later in the year.


Naturally, we’ll keep you updated.

Meanwhile, stay safe.


This means that the long-anticipated gigs at Hampton Pool, 'Under the Bridge', and Estonia will not go ahead as planned;
we all wish Gary well and hope to see the band in full flight once everyone's returned to full strength.

London concert ticket-holders for Procol Harum:
For the avoidance of doubt, ticketholders for the BtP event at Stamford Bridge in July will all receive e-mails about refunds (SeeTickets is already on the case).
The Hampton Pool concert is under entirely separate management, and we’re advised that their ticket-holders will receive a notification in coming days … so please sit tight as they work on it!

Procol dates in 2021 

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