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Procol Harum at Roskilde

27 June 1975 : fully-clothed

The Roskilde Festival is the largest single Danish rock festival, situated in Roskilde some 30 km west of Copenhagen. In 1975 Procol Harum played before an audience of 26,000 participants (27th-29th June). Procol hadn't visited Roskilde before and never returned ... [but they played nearby Ledreborg in 2006, and at a private party organised by this website].

However, the 1975 gig was remembered in a documentary bi-lingual book, Between Dreams And Drive (1995) by one of the few veterans who have been present at the festival since the very (and chaotic) start in 1971. The following year, a certain Dr. Hook had a completely different approach - as Dan Sørensen vividly recalls:

"Something still standing out to this day is Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show in '76 ... there was a big bathtub on the grounds where people were bathing and most of them were running around in the nude. All of a sudden Dr. Hook said, "When you run around in the nude, then we sure as hell will do the same." Then they shed every thread of clothing. Even their undies. ... Then there was Procol Harum in '75 and Santana in '80. That was really something else."

(Part of an interview with Dan Sørensen, b. 1943, a resident of Copenhagen who has been a participant at all festivals from the start in 1971.)
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From: Anders Rou Jensen: Mellem drømme og drøn. Roskilde Festival 25 år. Subtitle: Between Dreams And Drive. Roskilde Festival 25 Years (Published by Chr. Erichsens Forlag, 1995). Anders Rou Jensen (b. 1953, author and journalist. Began his career as a rock reviewer in 1977. Currently employed for Politiken, a major Danish paper. Two previous books on rock subjects (none available in English).

PS: Dr. Hook's Full Frontal Nudity Show was later repeated on Danish television - and shown here again in the beginning of March.

[thanks, Henrik, for the poster. He reports, 'Procol played on the big canopy stage Friday 27 June at 10 pm.' What are we to make of that illustration?]


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