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The End of the Evening

Pictures from the very end of PH's Golden Decade

Bert Saraco writes to BtP:

Here are the Procol Harum pictures that I promised, from 1977. These were taken years before I became what I am now – a professional photographer – and, therefore, make me cringe with embarrassment. Still, it's a record of the final days of the 'Golden Decade' of music that has become a deeply ingrained part of us all. May those days soon return! [They did!]

Pete Solley (in silhouette) looks on as BJ sits on the make-up counter. Their backs are to the mirror! That's Procol Harum!

Octopus at rest ...
What can be said about BJ? The last two New York shows were the last times that we heard / saw him play.

He was wonderful on both nights! He seemed a bit shy, quiet and reflective.

He's missed.

Deep in the bowels of the Hofstra Playhouse ... this photo was taken just before the live broadcast from the ten-year anniversary tour.

Was Gary thinking about the fact that this was to be one of the last shows? The mood was dark and pensive in general, much like this photograph indicates.

Gary in a reflective mood
before what would be one of the last concerts
of Procol's first 'Golden Decade' of music!

... trace of regret?

The great Mick Grabham ...
The last 2 shows in New York – subdued one night, roaring away the next!
Still, always a master of subtlety and power!

Strangers in Space ...
but Gary is still a patient, gracious host to two fans
(but why is he looking at me that way?)
Left to right, Gary, Carina, Bert

A different night, a different mood!
That same weekend, at The Academy of Music, the mood was lighter, the playing more energized.

Was it the freedom of knowing that the concert
was not going out live ...
that it was just for 'us?'

The elusive Keith ...
pen in pocket, ready to take note of any 'mental blocks' ...
One has to wonder ... were there fines involved?

You've got the cake ...
The 10th Anniversary cake, that is.
After the Academy of Music show in NYC

To add a little bit of clarity to the sometimes-disputed details of (what I believe to be) the last Procol Harum show of the Old Testament performed on American soil: yes – the venue went by more than one name. The Academy of Music was also known as The Paladium. Two nights ago The Lovely Carina reached into her mysterious bag and produced a very nice more-than-two-thirds intact ticket for the show. Please notice that the orchestra seats cost only $7.50 each!

Thanks, Bert!

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