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Procol Harum on stage in 1967

At the Bilzen Jazz Festival in Belgium

These wonderful shots show Procol Harum the 'classic' 60s' line-up in action at the Bilzen Festival in Belgium ... a festival that by the late 60s featured much more than Jazz.

Fans gather to watch behind Barrie Wilson's kit.

Procol Harum played late at night, and wearing their famous 'mediaeval spaceman' suits. Does anyone know of any other performance pictures featuring the band in this garb?

The stage layout on this occasion ran, from left to right: Knights, Brooker, Wilson, Fisher, Trower: this of course highlighted the notion that Procol at that era was a twin-keyboard band, with 'visiting' guitar for solos ... different from the Geoff Whitehorn approach.

This shot gives a good view of Fisher's Hammond M102. Less clear is the reason for the mics in the foreground: these may have been for film sound.

David Knights in extreme close-up, so that his Fender bass is not visible. We don't know how many songs the band played on this occasion ... maybe somebody out there does? ... but A Christmas Camel, A Whiter Shade of Pale and Conquistador were certainly on the menu.

Robin Trower in very characteristic pose with his Les Paul ... arguably he looks less at-ease in the psychedelic costumes than any of the rest of the band.

Gary Brooker, minus his trademark moustache, at his grand piano, a confusion of mic-stands in front of him, and a curious piece of fabric on his head, serving as a hat.

Matthew Fisher again: a romantic figure, contributing so much visually as well as musically to the impact of the early Procol Harum. No sign here of the infamous monk's cowl in which he played on Top of the Pops.

Trower maintaining eye-contact with the rest of the band ... Fisher seemingly wrapt in his own thoughts as he plays.

 Thanks, Hermann!

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