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Index to a Paramounts Scrapbook

Kindly sent to 'Beyond the Pale' by Barrie Wilson's sister, Pam

This is the index page for a large deposition of Paramounts photographs, cuttings, and other memorabilia sent to 'Beyond the Pale' by Barrie Wilson's sister, Pam, in March 2000.

The illustration shows Barrie and Pam on a recreation-ground roundabout; thanks to their third sibling, Richard, for sending it in to BtP.

When she was about eight or nine Pam started to collect cuttings from pop magazines, recording the glamorous doings of her percussionist brother, seven years older than herself.

These cuttings were glued into a scrapbook which eventually found its way into her parents' attic, where it was rediscovered about three years ago when their house was being cleared.

Pam transferred the contents of this decrepit volume into a new scrapbook, whose pages are presented here in public for the first time.

Click on the pictures in the table below to see and read much more

Barrie and Pam ... on the roundabout, long ago


A greetings telegram to the Paramounts on tour in Scotland, dated 3 December 1965; Barrie's thoughtful presents for his family.

Accents and Rebounds, a 48-page book (published 1961) of exercises for the snare-drummer, autographed on the front cover by various members of the Miracles including Smokey Robinson 'To my pal Barry [sic]' with the 'y' then changed to an 'e'!. Click on the picture for a full account.

A very ragged magazine page depicting a grinning Brooker, Wilson, Derrick and (blond) Trower; a teacher-fan of the Paramounts


A photograph, frayed, folded and fascinating for its evidence of one of the keys to BJ's greatness

Yellowing autographed photograph of four Paramounts on a rooftop

On the same page as the rooftop picture, its antithesis: looking down on the Paramounts at the seaside

"The Paramounts are dazzled by two smart girls": apparently from a fashion page in Valentine: read the text and enjoy the boys' facial expressions!

Two interesting street-shots showing as much about early 60s Britain as they do about rock music.

 "Like the Roller Coaster in their home town, these boys have had their ups and downs." The obverse contains a story about Georgie Fame, who has 'been a long time in the pop business'

Some nice off-duty shots of Barrie Wilson

A full-page pinup from Jackie, with six folds in it, and some strange inky marks on Diz's nose. Frans Steensma informs us that Jackie was 'a weekly for go-ahead teens' (it said so on the cover every week); this is probably from February 1964.

An interesting sequence of pictures of Gary Brooker and a glimpse of a 60s record collection

The Paramounts beat the clock: hilarious party stunts involving three Paramounts and three girls

Two portraits of Robin Trower, without dyed hair, but looking at pinups of himself with dyed hair

The famous Selmer picture, which has several enigmatic features!

 Two contrasting pictures of Diz Derrick

Four photographs of The Paramounts learning to sail (and you thought the nautical theme had emanated from Keith Reid?)

Vignettes of each Paramount, with likes and dislikes. Rob hates 'jokes about his natural blond hair'!

Assorted fan clippings: four photos with text and additional notes by Frans Steensma

Two drawings by Barrie, and a photograph featuring Sue, whom he would later marry


BJ's page at BtP

Barrie's brother's BJ photos

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