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Saga, Copenhagen, Denmark

30 January 1992

Bronze, Brooker, Brzezicki, Fisher, Whitehorn

Jan Pedersen writes to BtP (February 2010) from Aakirkeby in Denmark: 'Surprisingly I find no records of the Procol Harum-concert Thursday 30 January 1992 in Copenhagen. I have some articles about the concert and even an old ticket, so I am quite sure of the date and also the venue, which was the Saga (an old cinema that was used as a concert-house in the '80s and '90s in Copenhagen). Now the place is knocked down and totally rebuilt, which reminds me of something Gary Brooker said from the stage that evening: "It's been many moons since Procol Harum last've been to Copenhagen. They had probably not built this place last time we were here [not quite true, the since building was erected in 1941]: and they'll've probably knocked it down next time we come around!" And that became true, because the new building lying there now is from 1999! The setlist probably was:

Bringing Home the Bacon
Shine on Brightly
The Truth Won't Fade Away [not Holding On]
Pandora's Box
One More Time
Grand Hotel
Man with a Mission
The Devil Came from Kansas
The King of Hearts
A Salty Dog
Whaling Stories
All Our Dreams are Sold
A Whiter Shade of Pale (only two verses)
Little Queenie
Repent Walpurgis
'I'm not 100% sure of this, but the only insecurities is about Holding On. In other setlists from the same period, they usually did The Truth Won't Fade Away, but to my recollection it was Holding On as the fifth song. I'm sure they didn't do Whisky Train that evening, and that AWSoP delivered with only two verses. Probably they cut down a bit on the time, because there was a half an hour delayment from the beginning, as I recall it. Furthermore I think the concert 'fake-ended' after Whaling Stories, and that the rest was encores.'
Niels-Erik Mortensen adds, 'The setlist ... is nearly correct. The actual list can be seen here. Jan Pedersen describes himself as "insecure" about Holding On – and right he is. That night, Procol played The Truth Won´t Fade Away ...
Nevertheless, he might be excused – right now (12 February 2010) his town is being buried in snow again, and that might obscure even the brightest memory a bit.'

17 Songs altogether: 2 From Procol Harum 1 from Shine on Brightly
2 From  A Salty Dog 1 From  Home   from  Broken Barricades
2 From  Grand Hotel   From Exotic Birds and Fruit 1 from Procol's Ninth
  From Something Magic 5 From The Prodigal Stranger 2 non-album tracks
1 Non-originals

Thanks, Jan!


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