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Gary Brooker 45s

Some picture sleeves

Chrysalis 7172 681, 1979: (No More) Fear of Flying / Let Me In

Chrysalis 2326, 1979: Savannah / S S Blues

Chrysalis 2347, 1979: Say it Ain't So Joe / Angelina

Mercury 6059 424, 1981: Homelovin' / Chasing for the Chop

Mercury MER 70, 1981:
Homelovin' / Chasing For The Chop.
Different design from the single above:
catalogue no. is also different.

Whichever way you look at it, this is a superb piece of graphic design for those who are familiar with the traditional picture-rail / chimney-breast arrangement in British domestic architecture; it's as if you're lounging by the fire, looking up at the ceiling (which has flown away, of course) ... Home-loving. After this, Mercury's designers seem to have run out of inspiration with Gary for a while ...

Mercury MER 94, 1982: The Cycle (Let it Flow) / Badlands

Mercury 6059 532, 1982: The Angler / Badlands

Mercury MER 181, 1984: The Long Goodbye / Trick of the Night
Does this remind you of another ex-Procol sleeve?

The Phonogram press-release for this single read, 'Gary Brooker, who, 17 years ago, penned the classic Whiter Shade of Pale, joins forces with various band members of Procol Harum to bring you Gary's solo offering the Long Goodbye.

The single is probably the most populous record released this year, featuring no fewer than eighty people, including the massed voices of the London Community Gospel Choir, and an orchestra that could only be housed in EMI's massive No 1 Studio.'

Mercury MER 188, 1985: Two Fools in Love / Summer Nights

This ballad eventually became a minor hit in duet form for Gary with Lori Spee; this release has the curious Summer Nights on its B Side, here rightly credited to Brooker / Fisher / Sutherland

Many thanks to Thierry Noritop for his great generosity!

Gary Brooker's page at 'Beyond the Pale'

More picture sleeves

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