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PH on front page of Sweden's biggest daily

Gary Brooker on Swedish Television

By Jonas Soderstrom

Yepp!  It's true ...

...well, it's not big, but good news nevertheless. And even better, Gary will be on Swedish Television:

On the first page, Dagens Nyheter has what I think is called a 'blurb' (small box in the contents column) for the papers' special TV section. I quote:

Pop-and rock lovers will rejoice in the new series, Booster. Artists in the first show will be young singer Jennifer Brown and legend Gary Brooker, singer and songwriter from Procol Harum.

From the section (just a little shortened):

Booster is Swedish national public television's new series for rock and pop music from the sixties until today. The series will consist of nine shows, and is intended for rock lovers of all kinds. Viewers will meet both old and new artists.

Booster will be recorded live, with an audience, from a club in Norrköping, and will present two artists each week. There will also be film clippings from the archives from Swedish Television. Booster is inspired mainly by the BBC's Later... with Jools Holland.

Swedish host, Per Dahlberg, is a musician himself.

The guests in the first show are Swedish Jennifer Brown and Gary Brooker, singer and songwriter from one of the biggest English bands, Procol Harum.

Channel One, Monday, February 1st,  22.00.

Norrköping is a smaller town in Sweden; it's not far from Linköping were GB played with the Rhythm Kings last fall. Great honor to put him in the premier show! And the newspaper spelled the names right every time!

Why Dagens Nyheter has chosen just this show, (along with news of the re-start of series Homicide – Life On The Street) as teasers for their first page, among hundreds of other TV films, shows and series this week, is unknown to me. But a fact is that Dagens Nyheter's rather young editor-in-chief, Joakim Berner – used to be in a rock band and he plays – yes, that's right, the Hammond organ! And is it a coincidence that he has the same initials as the other guest, Jennifer Brown? Certainly not; there are powers at play here that we know nothing of ...  Anyway, she is one of Sweden's most respected young soul singers;  I'd love to hear her and Gary do a duet!

Gary Brooker on Swedish TV, October 2002

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