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Robin Trower in the UK

Dave Knight for BtP: Manchester, 28 April 2006

I went to see Trower on Friday in Manchester. He was playing at the Academy 3, which holds I would say 200–300 or so. When I arrived at the venue at about 8.15 the place was packed and I could just sense it was to be 'one of those nights'. On arrival, the audience were presented with Trower's setlist for the evening, an unusual step I thought: Twice Removed From Yesterday / Hannah / Roads to Freedom / Too Much Joy / Islands / Day of the Eagle / Bridge of  Sighs / 20th Century Blues / Victims of the Fury / Too Rolling Stoned / Go My Way / Another Time, Another Place / Little Bit of Sympathy  / Lady Love / Daydream.

On stage when I arrived was the support act, Samuel C Lees: an impressive blues player in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan, one to watch for the future I think.

It is a Bank Holiday weekend here in England: maybe this was the contributing factor to a certain 'buzz' about the place. Bang on 9.00pm the lights dimmed and Robin appeared on stage to a tremendous reception from the audience, looking in great shape. The band launched into Twice Removed From Yesterday.

Right from the start people were dancing and clapping and singing along, and this was obviously was sensed by the band who throughout were grinning like Cheshire Cats to each other. The relaxed atmosphere led to what I believe to be one of the best performances I have ever had pleasure to witness. Robin, who seemed to be suffering from a cold, displayed his master-class of playing to a level which seemed to surprise even Dave Bronze and Davey Pattison, who were giving little glances to each other.
I went with a friend on Friday who, although a fan for many years, had never actually seen Trower live before. During the solo on Bridge of Sighs I glanced across to him to see he was just standing there with his eyes closed absorbing the music. Afterwards he admitted he really was taken to another place.
This was my fourth time in a twelve-month period to see the band, and I can honestly say, they just get better and better. If any of you have booked your tickets for the Stateside shows then you are in for a real treat; if not DO NOT miss out – get your tickets now.
Roll on eight days' time and Crewe!
Also, it was a pleasure to meet Steve Shail on Friday and compliment him on his Steve's Place Trower website. Without the likes of him, Roland, Jens etc we would not be in a position to discuss any of this, we should not forget this.
Robin Trower's own diary comment

Another dry, dead sounding stage but Laurie (our sound man) said he was very happy with sound out front. What a great audience though. My energy flagged because of heavy cold but the guys took up the slack.

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