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Northern Sky: Ken Stasion

Buy a Paler's album online, and help with funding BtP

New Jersey Paler Ken Stasion has very kindly decided to sell his recent album through this website and allow the proceeds to go towards the running costs of 'Beyond the Pale'.

He is selling a limited edition of his solo CD, Northern Sky, through the BtP shop, at the attractive price of 12 dollars (+ p&p), and giving all the proceeds to BtP. Thanks, Ken!

To order and pay online, please follow the link at the foot of this page.

Northern Sky is a 13-track, 64-minute amalgam of originals and classic pieces, entirely recorded in professional studios. Ken supplies guitar, bass, vocals and mellotron; Chris Walter drums and percussion; and Geoff Cox saxes.

Ken's work – and his devotion to Robin Trower – is also to be heard on the Whalers' Compilation 2CD, but customers wishing to help BtP in this way may nevertheless want to 'try before they buy' using the links below.

Buy this excellent melodic, passionate album : have fun with the fragments of Procol and Lennon influences that Ken occasionally allows to colour his writing and arrangements.

Sample the tracks on the album … click title to hear mp3 clip

You Fall

Queensferry Dusk


Oceans Apart


The Careless Navigator
inc. bits by Tarrega and Rameau

Walkin' the Plank

From the film Shaker Joint

Strike me Pink

Round and Round

Shakey Pete's lament



Does one of these remind you of Boredom in any way?

Author's note:
Living on the Atlantic coast, I was drawn to and felt a part of the imagery and mystery that the sea and shore intimate. Procol Harum were the first "sailors" to speak to me of unknown places and mystical ports. They inspired me to look beyond the boundaries of the world and into the metaphysical and to slake my thirst with a pint of rum.

Not being a keyboard player, I took my cue from the way Procol meshed the power of the electric guitar with the transcendental orchestral textures of their glorious keyboards; creating worlds of sensual elegance and gothic terror.

I wrote all the material on Northern Sky usually while near the sea. Some songs were inspired by a busted long-distance relationship and some things I just felt I had to say. I think the material is not Procol-like, but for me for sure it is very influenced by the vision of reality Procol unmasked my eyes to see.


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