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BtP's Screenshots Series

Rock Anthems (1)

The following screen captures are from the Rock Legends Television documentary that focused on influential songs from the nascent rock era. The Whiter Shade of Pale segment showcased Gary Brooker and Matthew Fisher discussing the track as well as playing it with just Matthew on Hammond organ and Gary singing it from a chair seated at a table several feet away. It gives insight into the genesis of the song via archival black and white television footage of the original Hamlet Cigar advertisement that features the Bach Air that was later used by Matthew as a jumping-off point for his legendary organ construction on the finalized track.

Additional footage features segments of the original video with Harrison and Royer as well as the second video shot after Trower and BJ were added to the line-up. Live but synched footage of Procol Harum Edition One is slightly off-tempo due to the synching issues of sound to vision but is nonetheless real. Sir Bob Geldorf speaks intermittently, footage of Joe Cocker and Annie Lennox demonstrating AWSoP appears briefly and Bonnie Tyler adds her comments as well. The segment concludes with Matthew and Gary seated at the VK7 organ discussing the track alternately. Gary attempts to play the classic organ line and fumbles slightly. Matthew chuckles next to him. Perhaps somewhat presciently, Matthew concludes the entire affair by asking the interviewer, “We never did discuss the organ solo, did we?”

Keith Reid: that basically says what needs to be said. No Keith ... no AWSoP

Joe Cocker 1983: he often performed his version of AWSoP. In this still, the ubiquitous
Barrie Wilson is on drums, though unseen here

 Annie Lennox - her Medusa album featured AWSoP à la Baroque’adelic

Gary and Matthew: the delight of this section was the a capella vox to Hammond only rendition ...

... done live for all and sundry to revel in

This was the direct interview section ...

 ... where notational figures and issues were discussed

I chuckled lightly when Mr Brooker made a digital faux pas as he attempted
the classic Bach Air on a keyboard to their rear

Thanks to Larry Pennisi (esp. for captions), Marvin Chassman, Ted McCallion

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