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BtP's Screenshots Series

Carson show (1)

Legendary late-night TV 'Ceasar' Johnny Carson and Procol Harum: Geoff Whitehorn was just recently on board in this early 1992 TV set from America. Songs played were A Dream In Every Home and A Whiter Shade of Pale. Dave Bronze is present on bass. Added for this occasion on conga drums and backing vocals for Dream were two female singers of unknown name. 

The usual pre-playing jokes about the name Procol Harum were evidenced when Johnny Carson asked his own bandleader if he had ever heard of Procol Harum and the bandleader quipped something to the effect of, "I don't even know what one is." (audience giggles) The usual TV shallowness was there on this night as well. 

But the sound was better than many TV concerts seem to be and the band sounded balanced and well presented on this occasion. And no one interfered by taking over Hammond Organ duties as on happened on another well known late night appearance.

This must be the legendary Mr Carson?

A profile shot, in case there is any doubt

A curious, swirly set

Gary Brooker, back on US TV at last

Dave Bronze on bass guitar

Matthew Fisher on Hammond and DX7 ... a venerable instrument!

Good crossfade shot

Characteristic pose, although Gary is not on his usual side of the stage

Guitar and drums

Thanks to Larry Pennisi, Marvin Chassman, Ted McCallion

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