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Miscellaneous Images of Procoldom (1)

 More always welcome ...

Barry Sinclair, former PH Equipment Manager, had a page-full of backstage passes on his website. He also sent us a lot of Procol tour information, and made Gary Brooker's 'faux piano' ...


A slightly tired-looking Procol in a French news poster from the end of the Trower period ... the bearded BJ period, in fact.

L-R: Brooker, Reid, Trower, Wilson and Copping.

The same line-up, a little earlier perhaps? Unusual, signed magazine page ... two pairs of spectacles ... "Keith Reid, organ" ...

The same line-up pictured again, in the surroundings of a New York studio ... a bottle of champagne and a cuddly toy are also featured

One more from this familiar set of the early 1967 line-up. Ray Royer's squatting position is somewhat egregious

Guitar with oddly naff scratch-plate, but nice signatures of all six members of Procol's Grand Hotel line-up


This is a picture from the Norwegian
newspaper Dagbladet, 29 January 1992.

The picture came along with an article, introducing our
men with "summer of love ..." & AWSoP and all
that normal stuff.

The reason was of course they were doing a concert a few days later, 1 February at Oslo Konserthus.

(Jonny Moen)

A very unusual photograph: Keith Reid and Gary Brooker together at the Hammond organ; Gary carefully watching what Keith's playing; a tiny aide-memoire, perhaps, folded in front of the wordsmith, who very occasionally played organ with the band (Piggy Pig Pig is his only recorded work we're aware of). The date of this picture is uncertain, but it undoubtedly hails from the early 70s when the four-piece Procol used a bass-keyboard (that's the instrument in front of Gary: see a different view of it here). We do know that the picture was taken by a promoter in LA area: maybe Reid was practising for one of his rare stage performances? Note that Brooker's shirt is adorned with a Players Navy Cut sticker, on which the Salty Dog artwork is based. Thanks, Dan Wood in Michigan!


Procol Harum at Sausalito, California in the USA; photograph by Baron Wolman ... purchasable from Wolfgang's Vault (click here).

Brooker wore the same shirt in 2007 at the Procol 40th Anniversary celebrations


Procol at the Isle of Wight Festival in 2006 ... same shirt as GB is wearing above, about 35 years before.
Mssrs Brooker and Cartwright, a photo thought to have been taken in Glasgow in 1973 (thanks, David)


François Courvoisier found this plaque commemorating a Procol Harum performance in his home town of Neuchatel ... click on the plaque for more information.


There must be a story to go with this magnificently grotesque poster, so with any luck let's hope there's someone out there who will write it for us ...


We believe this photo of Gary Brooker dates from the very last PH gig of the Old Testament, 15 May 1977.

'Don't believe I ever remember seeing the Commander in overalls,' comments Beverly Peyton

Mick Grabham in the Exotic Birds and Fruit tee-shirt, Chris Copping nattily bethreaded, BJ Wilson in custom tee-shirt by Unsteady Freddie Salzberg (the same rhinestoned garment in which BJ was laid to rest) and Alan Cartwright; high spirits, in the glamorous environs of a trailer caravan. Perhaps the lone hand, clutching the SLR camera, is attached to Gary Brooker?


From Rock Magazine, December 1972

Keith Reid, superimposed yet towering over the rest of Procol Harum, seems to be the harbinger of things to come.

The article is titled: 'Beyond the Pale and Shining On Brightly'.

Even more eerie are the 3D-like specs that Keith is wearing, as if to imply that he could see into the future and envision BtP in its present glorious state.

Thanks, Larry


John O expresses the hope that, by printing off this stage pass from the Fillmore East, fans will be able to get access to the band at all future concerts!


BtP asked for help dating this poster:

Dave Tamarkin wrote:
The Shrine poster is from November 8 & 9 ,1968. The Shrine Auditorium or Shrine Exposition Hall as it was sometimes called still exists in Los Angeles, California and was host the cream of 60s rock: Traffic, Procol Harum, Grateful Dead, Buffalo Springfield, Janis Joplin & Big Brother and the Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Moody Blues, Jeff Beck and many others. At one of the nights the set included Shine On Brightly, Wish Me Well, Instrumental (probably Stoke Poges), Crucifiction Lane, Goin' Down Slow, Repent Walpurgis, Quite Rightly So, Conquistador, The Devil Came From Kansas, Skip Softly (My Moonbeams), Cerdes (Outside the Gates of), A Whiter Shade of Pale.

Frans Steensma added
After having played the Fillmore West early November Procol headed for LA to record some tracks (for their third album) at the A&M Studios, Matthew producing. Around that same time they played the two nights at The Shrine.

Scott Outen mentioned
'... a Fleetwood Mac disc entitled Shrine 69: 'Sit back, tune up ... You are there. Peace and love, brothers and sisters. Four hundred miles south of Haight Ashbury, near downtown L.A. Eagerly, you enter the Exposition Hall, a large, cavernous, dimly lit hall more geared toward trade shows than musical concerts.'

Thanks, all


This is the cover of the February 1968, volume 5 number 6, issue of IN, supposedly 'America's Top Teen Magazine'.

It includes articles and pictures pertaining to the stars of the day including Lulu, Procol Harum, John Lennon, Sonny & Cher, Jay North, The Young Rascals and others. Apparently it was also the place to look for articles on popular fashion trends, dating advice and other fun things.

Does anybody know what the Procol content of this issue consisted of?


This is the label from the 12” stereo BBC TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES LP containing STEREO POP SPECIAL – 146 (i) and (ii) (CN 2785/S).

This Pop Spectacular LP, from mid-1977, features Procol Harum.playing Something Magic; Conquistador; Strangers in Space; Grand Hotel; Pandora’s Box; Nothing but the Truth; Skating on Thin Ice; The Mark of the Claw; A Salty Dog; Wizard Man and This Old Dog.

Gary Brooker ... we don't know the location, but the date
is post-1976. The piano looks like his own,
but the location is not his barn,
where it now lives

A great early-21st century line-up: Whitehorn, Brooker, Brzezicki, Pegg and Phillips

Backstage pass from the late 2010 gigs played by Procol in the USA, mostly: BtP's own pass issued at Hallowe'en gig in Royal Leamington Spa.

The figures are of course Brooker and Reid, adapted from the Grand Hotel album artwork.

The lettering at the top derives from the 'black album' artwork, by Dickinson, in 1967.

'The designs were done at Chris Cooke's request,' writes Spencer Zahn to BtP, 'by Joe McCarthy and Alexandra Zahn with me. The final one selected was by Alexandra Zahn.'


The same design appears on a very popular tee-shirt (some sizes still available: click here), and on the postcard illustrated right, which was handed out at gigs in 2010/11 to promote the various official live albums etc available from the download shop

Backstage pass from Las Vegas, 1 July 1972 (thanks, Vince)

The A Salty Dog line-up ...

Sometimes sunny

Sometimes sullen

Unusual to see 'Undertaker' Knights in such lavish attire

More pictures


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