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Miscellaneous Images of Procoldom

More always welcome ...

A very cheery image of the early line-up, Knights, Brooker, Fisher, Harrison and Royer

Gary Brooker and Matthew Fisher

Click the picture to see more from this shoot


On the set of the UK's Top of the Pops, judging from the liberal use of tinfoil: Royer, Knights, Brooker, Harrison and Fisher.

This was before the days of Matthew's monkish cowl, before the days of the 'mediaeval spacemen' clobber  ... and before the days of a complete drum kit by the look of things: there's even a stand with no cymbal on it.

Peculiar to place the drummer at the front, occluding the singer and the signature instrumentalist, but perhaps highlighting the difficulty of miming convincingly to a track played by someone else who had a full kit.

Something magic, 1967 style. Harrison (carpet-beater), Fisher (crouching), Knights (hands akimbo), Brooker (bird in hand) and Royer (perhaps swinging a moth-eaten tail behind him?)

One suspects borrowed instruments in play for this Italian broadcast

Brooker, Knights, Fisher, Royer and Harrison ... they must have spent longer
together in photographers' studios than they ever did in recording studios

Body-language! Brooker, Fisher, Harrison, Knights and Royer.
Our London correspondent suggests that this '... looks like St Giles High Street, 
just south of Centre Point, and just east of Denmark Street.' (thanks, Peter).
Click the picture to bring up a Google image of how it looks fifty years on

Body-language again! Harrison, Knights, Brooker, Royer and Fisher photographed in some handsome urban purlieu

Trower and Fisher in the background; Brooker in the foreground; elsewhere, Knights and Wilson

Wilson, Trower, Knights, Brooker and Fisher, photographed at a time when the psychedelic clobber seems still to be in favour with some members of the band, and not with others. Gary's shoes are worthy of particular attention.


(Thanks, Claes)

1967's Muziek Expres in Holland is responsible for this intriguing collage of the early line-up

Never mind a Robe of Silk ... how about 'a belt of string' for Bobby Harrison? Matthew's jacket is comically fastened too.

Procol Harum dominate the front page of the UK's Record Mirror on 10 June 1967

Procol Harum putting their heads together

Who's the grumpiest in this shot?

Five men, seven hands

A clear loser emerges in the 'least ostentatious trousers' competition


Holland's Muziek Expres (1967) originally published this portrait of the early line-up

Here's an unusual 1968 Italian promo card showing the band at the beach, though not quite in recreational garb.

Can anyone read what's written on BJ's shirt?

Psychedelic Harum at the Fillmore East in 1968. Note, from the way the guitars are being held, that this picture is not reversed ... very unusual to see the Hammond stage right; and what sort of piano is Gary Brooker playing?


John Emmett sends us 'what I believe is intended to be Gary B, from a 1967 Marshall leaflet.

'What a luxury to have a graphic artist it would be for today's leaflets!'

1969 ... a promo picture showing a variant pose from the famous medieval-spacemen-in-ruined-temple series

Yet another very early pose, complete with 'Chinese clobber' 

Another pose from the same period

Those same clothes again, thanks to Classic Rock (September 2007), whose cover asks ...

Rummaging through one of my old scrapbooks, I came across this.

Variations, I've seen (above, for instance), but I don't remember this one, offhand.

(John O)

Enjoy the different facial expressions!

Another pose from the same photo-shoot ... same clothes at any rate
Press-release photo of the smiling Home-era Harum; click to enlarge (thanks, Michael)

Here are some individual shots of the early line-up in performance, from the cover of a 1968 Turkish magazine.

Top row: BJ, David Knight, Matthew Fisher

Lower: Gary Brooker, Robin Trower

Image from an Italian card from 1968

Image from a Swedish card from 1967

There were seemingly endless permutations of his pose ... this one appeared as a magazine poster in 1967

Interesting LP-label for the well-known Procol interview

Procol Harum on the 'marquee' at the Fillmore East, June 1970 (thanks, Joan, for correcting the date)

Gary Brooker (left) and Gary and Franky Brooker (above) at the time of the Procol renaissance in the early 1990s. Tim Renwick may be seen in the dressing-room
Gimmicky stage set-up with the keyboards below, the frets above that, and the drummer perilously o'ertopping the rest: Procol are miming to playback of The Final Thrust on ITV's Supersonic.

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