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Procol Harum at Charlottesville, USA, 16 November 1968

Ross Taylor reports for BtP

I finally tracked down my first viewing of Procol Harum.

From the University of Virginia Cavalier Daily, [student newpaper] Wednesday, 13 November 1968:

"Friday and Saturday nights of Openings will feature talent and musical style from New York, London, and Charlottesville, all sponsored by the PK and German dance societies. Friday night's dance at 9 in Memorial Gym will be headed by British rock artists the Spencer Davis Group (see p. 2), with part of the show provided by the University's Slithy Toves, pictured above at right. Saturday night's concert in University Hall will feature the Rascals and Procul Harem [sic] at 7. Tickets are $3 per couple for the dance and $2.50 per person for the concert, and $7.50 for a block ticket; all are available at Mincers and Newcomb Hall. For those who would like a souvenir of the weekend's musical entertainment, PK-German has also designed a black-light poster."

...and Friday, 15 November 1968

"University Hall will ring with the sounds of the Procol Harum and the Rascals that night at 7 p.m. The University Union-sponsored concert is scheduled to last about two hours and tickets sell for $2.50 and $3.00 for students and non-students respectively.

Named the Brightest Hope for Stardom in the Coming Year and winners of the top single of the year two years ago with A Whiter Shade of Pale, the Procol Harum was started in 1966. The group is composed of Keith Red [sic], Gary Brooker, Matthew Celestial-Smith, Dave Knights, Robin Trower, and BJ Wilson.

The Rascals, composed of Felix Cavaliere, who sidelines on the organ, Eddie Brigatti, who looks and acts like a "Dead End Kid", and sometimes sings for the group, Gene Cornish, a Canadian guitar player, and Dino Danlli, "possibly the best drummer in the whole world," will also appear in University Hall.

Starting in 1965, the Rascals hail from New York city and call themselves the Gershwin sound of the sixties."

 Now I have to hunt down that black-light poster.

Procol came on first, suffered from the bad sound of the flying-saucer-domed sports arena, and probably opening-band problems with local soundman.  My life was changed forever.  Next were the Chambers Brothers, then the Rascals.

Carry on BtP!

Thanks, Ross.

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