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Some Procol-oriented snaps

From the album of Pat Keating


Pat Keating writes to BtP:
Here are some photos of my cats. The black ones are brother/sister, and so are the white ones. (He later adds, 'Sad to report that three of the cats have since transitioned to the great beyond: Procol Harum ("PH") in July '02, Walpurgis in October '02, and Captain Clack ("CC") in December '04. Mr Brooker should now have my extra "HARUM" license plate, as well as my extra "PROCOL" plate -- thanks to Mr. Clare)

Captain Clack

Procol Harum (black female, below)
Captain Clack (black male, left)
Walpurgis (white female)
Monsieur R. Monde (white male)

Monsieur R Monde with Captain Clack

Left, Walpurgis: above, Monsieur R Monde with Captain Clack; below, Procol Harum with playthings and residences.

I couldn't find a good "solo" shot of Monsieur R Monde. I know I have some (somewhere!), so please reserve a spot for a future photo of him. In the meantime, I've included two "mysterious" photos of him with one of the other cats. Perhaps he doesn't like having his picture taken either?

This was my first attempt at scanning in photos, so the job may not be the best it could be.

I scanned them in on a Windows XP machine, copied the files to diskette, and am now sending them to you from my Windows 98 machine. I'll wait to see how well they post at BtP ...

Car licence plates: I gave Gary Brooker my extra "Procol" licence plate. I still must send him the "Harum" plate.

 I'm afraid this picture is hopelessly murky, but I lightened it up enough on the scan to at least make out the words on top the building.

Yes, I'm afraid that is spelt Homburg Center !

When we went on vacation (that's holiday to you) last June to Colorado Springs, Colorado, we stumbled upon what could possibly be Keith Reid's and/or Gary Brooker's latest business venture. Perhaps this is an institute dedicated to the study of the words to Homburg? Perhaps it is a training ground for hatters, or at least those specialising in the art of homburgs? Perhaps it is some other top-secret government facility? I guess we will never know.


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