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From Earliest to Latest

Mark Greenberg remembers

Well here goes from my best memory ...

I first saw Procol Harum with the familiar original line-up, Brooker, Trower, Fisher, Knights, and, of course, the great BJ Wilson at the Fillmore East ... I don't remember that much about that first tour ... I do remember that the band sounded awesome live ...and played almost the entire AWSoP album live.

Better memories are from the Home tour. I remember suffering through Rhinoceros ... waiting in the Third row for the band to hit the stage. This was again at the Fillmore East , with the Chris Copping configuration. Robin Trower was more or less the 'featured performer' as he killed on those Whaling Stories and Whisky Train licks ... wow!

Here is the answer to a great mystery never revealed before ... While Procol Harum rehearsed for this tour, they were at a rehearsal hall here in NYC. Robin Trower's Marshall amps were stolen ! ... They showed up at a guy I know's tiny studio apartment in the village. He used them for his stereo! Seemed he was managing a band in the next hall down, and just threw them in the back of his van and left ! Robin, if you read this I'll send you his name: LOL !

Anyway ... back to the band ...I next saw them on the Prodigal Stranger tour at Town Hall ... again in NYC ...they were terrific again, all though I was disappointed Trower decided not to tour ...

After that, I remember seeing Gary at the Lilies of the Field Bosnia benefit ... I believe it was Nov 86. He looked awesome, with braided silver hair ...and his voice was perfect on Salty Dog, Whisky Train, and of course, AWSoP !

Which leads me to the Ringo Starr All Starrs last week [Feb 99]. It was the band's first gig: Gary again shined, as did Jack Bruce ... I only felt uncomfortable when these two giants sang on Yellow Submarine ... Oh well, It was worth it to sit through ... knowing that awesome ' seagull' back track was coming up !

Anyway that's my story. I hope you enjoyed it !

(thanks, Mark!)

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