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Rock meets Classic, Mannheim Rosengarten

Pictures by Hans Volkhardt

These pictures on this page were taken by Hans at the Rock Meets Classic Concert in Rosengarten Mannheim, 8 January 1993.

'Gary played with the Czech Symphonic Orchestra and TOTO 'shouter' Bobby Kimball,' writes Hans. 'The band included of Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Laurence Cottle (bass) and drummer Henry Spinetti.

'Two years before, there was a Rock Meets Classic Concert in Mannheim too, with Gary and Barry Ryan. I was there 17 October 1991 but I took no photos.

'Some days after this show we could read the following critics in newspaper: "Astonishing how many young fans Gary has." Click on the picture to read a critique of the concert in Karlsruhe, if you know German

'One hour before the concert started, Whaler Peter and I sneaked into the hall to look for the musical instruments. Suddenly Geoff came on stage, testing his guitar. He came to us, and so we talked for about fifteen minutes with him about music, Gary, Procol and more. Very nice.

'After the concert we talked to the producer of the show, Mathias Weis, a German. Since a long time, Peter and I have a dream: a Rock Meets Classic concert in our town Landau, in South-West Germany (40,000 inhabitants). Landau has got a wonderful hall, built 1900 and renovated in the last three years for about 22 million Euros! Famous musicians played here like Herbert von Karajan, Claudio Abbado, Monserrat Caballe, the London and the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra. The hall is built in "Jugendstil" (art nouveau). There is space for about 1100 spectators find place inside. So, if Gary or his office read about our dream, perhaps we can make it true. It would be nice; Peter has some ideas to finance the concert.

Above: Gary beside his piano (Hammond organ behind)

Left: Brooker in front of the orchestra (again adjusting his jacket button, apparently?)

Below: Mathias Weis (producer), Gary (adjusting a different jacket?), Christian Kabitz (conductor), Laurence Cottle, Geoff Whitehorn, and Henry Spinetti.

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