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March 2002: sixth Procol Radio Marathon from UCLA

The most eclectic of these shows, to date

Guest DJ No 6 at broadcast his sixth internet Procol Harum marathon on Saturday 30 March 2002, with fellow-presenter Al 'One-Eye' Edelist. The programme was over 5 hours long, including 72 songs, an astonishing range of material featuring many Procolers in their non-Procol guises!

 First mp.3 excerpt: No 6's invocation to the listeners, and explanation of the show's eclectic rationale. Listing of the artists who will be featured. A telephone call interrupts the show … proving that it's live! Greetings to 'Mrs No 6'.

Geoff Whitehorn: A Whiter Shade of Pale (2001), from Guitar Techniques; The Report, Turn it Up Loud

Second mp.3 excerpt: Whitehorn announcements

 The Thrill is Gone from Big in Gravesend (1994); Escape from New York, STD, Beef or Mutton – from Geoff Who, 1990

Third mp.3 excerpt: request for e-mail feedback from listeners. Introducing the group, Freedom:

 Freedom's Black on White album with Ray Royer and Bobby Harrison: The Butt of Deception, Childhood Reflections, Seeing is Believing, Born Again, Relation (1968)

Fourth mp.3 excerpt: Recap of contents of past five marathons. Thanks to co-host and other researchers for the present show. Introduction of Dave Knights's band, Ruby.

Ruby – a band starring David Knights, 1974:
Better Days, Better Nights; Someday I Will Return; Oh Woman; You Are Everything to Me; Pretender.

Fifth mp.3 excerpt: request for e-mail feedback from listeners. Introduction of Mick Grabham

Mick Grabham's album Mick the Lad, 1972:
Sweet Blossom Woman, Scraunchy, You'll Think of Me, I Won't be There, There's been a Few Since Then, Let it
all Down, Two–Fifteen

 Sixth mp.3 excerpt: Introduction of Allen 'One-Eye' Edelist: mention of the WebCam by which listeners can watch the marathon as well as hearing it. Introduction of Dave Ball's band, Bedlam

Bedlam – With Dave Ball:
Hot Lips, Seven Long Years, The Beast, Whiskey and Wine

Seventh mp.3 excerpt: introduction of One-Eye, who mentions the European dates for 2002 and the Palers' Events in Croydon UK

Grand Hotel Procol Harum at the Rainbow (1975)
Brickyard Blues – Frankie Miller with Procol backing
A Salty Dog – Isle of Wight Festival, 1970
Simple Sister – Hollywood Bowl, 1973

Eighth mp.3 excerpt: One-Eye introduces some Brooker spin-offs

It's in the Way that You Use It – Clapton, Brooker, Spinetti, 1986
Catch Me if You Can – Clapton, Brooker, 1981
Bird and Peter; Duck and Bird – From Peter and the Wolf, 1975, Brooker on synthesiser

Ninth mp.3 excerpt: One-Eye introduces Cocker and Brzezicki sections

With a Little Help From My Friends – Joe Cocker featuring BJ Wilson (and [sic] Matthew Fisher) – 1969
Big Country with Mark Brzezicki:
Look Away (1986), Where the Rose is Sown (1984), East of Eden (1984)

Tenth mp.3 excerpt: One-Eye provides background to the next batch of songs

Talkin' in Your Sleep – Romantics – co-written and produced by Pete Solley, 1983
Switchboard Susan – Mickey Jupp, 1979
Reasons for Living – by Sense – produced by Dave Ball, 1984
Test of Time – Romantics – produced by Pete Solley 1985

Eleventh mp.3 excerpt: One-Eye on the next couple of Fisher-oriented pieces, including an international hit

Hey Matthew – Karel Fialka – Matthew Fisher engineered and backing vocals, 1988
A Whiter Shade of Pale – David Lanz (1988) with Matthew Fisher on organ

Twelfth mp.3 excerpt: One-Eye tells of the 2002 Procol dates that have so far been announced, including talk of the Palers' Events in Croydon, referring querants to 'Beyond the Pale' for details of these and for accommodation, and mentioning Rob Barnes's Newcastle social information page. No 6 introduces the Freedom tracks

Have Love Will Travel (Harrison) from Freedom's Freedom at Last (1969)

Thirteenth mp.3 excerpt: No 6 speaks of Freedom and their development

Thanks from Freedom's Through the Years (1971)
London City from Freedom's Through the Years

Fourteenth mp.3 excerpt: No 6 introduces a very different side of Harrison, recorded in Iceland

 It's Over from Bobby Harrison's Solid Silver (1987)

Fifteenth mp.3 excerpt: No 6 name-checks the presenters and requests e-mail feedback. He mentions three guitar-bass-drum trios that have 'sprung from the loins of Procol Harum', and introduces two Hendrix covers

From the band Be Sharp, with Jerry Stevenson and Dave Bronze:
Cross Town Traffic and Stone Free from the albums Pier Pressure 1992 and Live 1997

Sixteenth mp.3 excerpt: No 6 talks about Redhill and the four Procol bassists who played together.

Conquistador: Chris Copping's version from The Best of the Whalers (1998), featuring Dave Ball.

Seventeenth mp.3 excerpt: No 6 talks about Brooker / Reid songs that other bands played, not Procol.

Harlequin by Brooker/Reid sung by the Hollies from The Hollies at Abbey Road (1998) featuring BJ Wilson

Eighteenth mp.3 excerpt: No 6 presents another side of Chris Copping … the Seriously Gothic sound, reminiscent of early King Crimson

 Kings of Rock (Goldring) from Gnidrolog's Gnosis (2000) with Chris Copping on organ.

Nineteenth mp.3 excerpt: No 6 speaks of The Best of the Whalers and another great Australian offering

Shine on Brightly: Chris Copping's version from The Best of the Whalers (1998)
Dog's in the Bin (Hilton) from Mark Hilton's Beauty and Innocence (2000) with Prof Copping on organ and piano

Twentieth mp.3 excerpt: No 6 presents an entirely different Conquistador, with some quiet Fisher … then another piece in which he is not so quiet …

Conquistador: David Lanz from Songs from an English Garden 1998 featuring Matthew Fisher
Come and Get It (McCartney) from Matthew Fisher and the Downliners Sect, A Light Went Out in New York (1992)

Twenty-first mp.3 excerpt: No 6 presents the fantastic Francis Dunnery, on whose album Matt Pegg plays bass

Me and Franciene (Dunnery) and In the Garden of Mystic Lovers (Dunnery) from Francis Dunnery's Man (2001) with Matt

Twenty-second mp.3 excerpt: One-Eye welcomes us back, and mentions Matthew Fisher with Lord Sutch and his stellar ensemble

From Hands of Jack the Ripper with Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends including Matthew Fisher:
Gotta Keep on Rocking, Tutti Frutti Medley [Long Tall Sally, Jenny Jenny, Keep on Knockin', Jenny Jenny again, Tutti Frutti] (early

Twenty-third mp.3 excerpt: No 6 and One-Eye give us some e-mail addresses for responding to

 From Funkist with Bobby Harrison and co-produced with Matthew Fisher, 1975
King of the Night, Looking for a Friend

Twenty-fourth mp.3 excerpt: No 6 extends the show, on request, with some more Whitehorn guitaring

 Geoff Whitehorn, From Geoff Who (1990): Marvid, Crusadin' , and Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Twenty-fifth mp.3 excerpt: No 6 winds up the whole marathon with thanks to listeners, researchers and fellow-presenters alike. One-Eye concludes with Procol tour dates once again, then both DJs greet the public with a valedictory 'Shine On!'

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