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March 2002: sixth Procol Radio Marathon from UCLA

the most eclectic show to date

Guest DJ No 6 at promised us an eclectic mix for his sixth Internet Procol Harum marathon on Saturday 30 March 2002, and boy, was it eclectic! With fellow-presenter Al 'One-Eye' Edelist, he had trawled the bargain bins of Procoldom and come up with some real surprises that even the most hardened Procoholic was surprised to hear. This confirms – if confirmation were ever needed – that ulcaradio has simply been one of the best-ever broadcasting shop-windows for Procol music. In a show lasting seven hours (with a coffee-break towards the end, when our noble presenters shared a small bagel on-air), we heard the following 111 rare, rare items.

Gary Brooker: Ballet Suite from Delta, Royal Danish Chamber Orch. with Claes-Henrik O'Reilly, conductor

BJ Wilson / Chris Copping / Lou Reed: White Light, White Heat (jam), Venus in Furs (jam), A Whiter Shade of Pale (abandoned jam) [studio soundcheck / warm-ups from Berlin sessions]

Geoffrey Whitehorn: ISBN, LA Confidential, Mixin' It (rough mix), [from the forthcoming album provisionally titled 'Widdling in Gravesend'], Hi Ho Silver Lining (cover-disc); Post Dated, (Getting) In my Own Way, Asbsorber the Greek Guy, Mondrian's Revenge

Bobby Harrison + Ray Royer: Something Following my Horse (from Freedom's Aw … Shucks! album [vinyl])

Dave Knights: Happy Happy from the untitled, un-issued follow-up album by the band, Ruby

Alan Cartwright: Take my Pick (very rare 45 rpm vinyl, Cartwright on bass with the Raymond Chandler's Soul Fandango)

Robin Trower: Armpit Mange (putrimento ingento) [guest guitar solo with Sepultura and the LA Symphony Orch]

Matthew Fisher / David Lanz: [picture discs] Gentle Healing, Healthy Minefield, Bath-time in Atlantis, Simon Says (could anybody hear Fisher on these numbers?)

Mick Grabham's Guitar Orchestra: Overture 1812 (acetate of abandoned project, backing track only sketched in parts for ukulele and sitar)

Chris Copping [soundtrack pieces]: Bee Flies North then South (16 seconds), Falling into a Roadside Trench (7 seconds), Collision Course (3 seconds), The Big Build-Up! (11m. 11 secs), Fortitude and Pluck (19 seconds), Goon But Not Forgotten (31 seconds), Nice of You to Notice (2 seconds), Paulus the Wood Gnome (31 seconds); Paulus the Wood Gnome says Hello (31 seconds) ; Paulus the Wood Gnome says Goodbye (31 seconds); Paulus the Wood Gnome Makes Eyes at Batty Bat (31 seconds).

Matthew Fisher / Denny Cordell: Theme from 'Indifference' (from the film, The Difference, feat. Basil d'Oliveira)

Pete Solley (introduced by compere at Golden Award for

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